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Update: Flipnote Studio for Switch as well as the new Pokemon music have been confirmed fake, so thankfully we can rest easy knowing that Nintendo’s servers have not been hacked.

Original: When you’re a big company like Nintendo, protecting against hacks is something you unfortunately have to deal with. In the Big N’s case, with announcements and other plans being set up weeks and months in advance, ensuring that information isn’t revealed before an unveiling can be crucial. Hacks (and especially leaks) do happen though, and it’s something we’ve seen impact Nintendo in recent years.

Another notable hack may have taken place over the past few days. Two releases may have been involved: a new Flipnote Studio for Switch and Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC.

A whole lot of speculation has surfaced throughout the day regarding big plans for Super Mario in 2020. We’ve heard that a number of games will be re-released/remastered, including Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 3D World (as a Deluxe edition).

Venturebeat’s Jeff Grub, who leaked the news that a Nintendo Direct would be shared last Thursday prior to its air date, has chimed in on the rumors now as well. The site’s report states:

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Update: Gematsu says it has heard similar things regarding Super Mario 3D World Deluxe, a new Paper Mario title, and high-definition remasters of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

Original: Eurogamer has published a new report backing up speculation from VGC that a slew of Mario re-releases are on the way for Switch.

The site’s report names Super Mario Galaxy as one of the games Nintendo is planning for a remaster. Additionally, we’ll be seeing “a couple of other 3D Mario favorites.”


Update: There’s been another report about this, now naming Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World as re-releases. Read up on it here.

Original: Switch could be getting a whole lot of Super Mario love this year. According to a VGC report, Nintendo is preparing to re-release most of the plumber’s 35-year back catalog, now remastered for Switch. That’s based on information received from “multiple sources”.

VGC’s report mentions a new event from Nintendo that will coincide with Super Mario’s anniversary. The company’s plans are supposedly “set to be revealed alongside new details of Nintendo’s partnership with Universal, and the pair’s Super Nintendo World theme park attractions and animated Super Mario movie.” Nintendo was apparently planning a physical event at E3 2020 in June, but the expo has been cancelled and the Big N “is now reviewing its plans in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Along with plans for re-releases, VGC mentions that “several other Mario titles” are in the works for 2020. A new Paper Mario is specifically mentioned in the report.


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Capcom’s new Resident Evil 3 remake hasn’t been announced for Switch, and there haven’t been any particular signs suggesting that it’ll be released on Nintendo’s console. However, some fans are hoping that a datamine of the game’s new demo on other platforms could point to potential news in the future.

After going through the demo files, it seems that there are a couple of Switch references. The first one appears in a list of prompts and in-menu text with a notification about an auto-save feature. Alongside PS4, Xbox One, and PC, there’s text for Switch.

Here’s a look:

There are currently two Gear.Club games on Nintendo Switch – Gear.Club Unlimited and Gear.Club Unlimited 2. However, it seems like a third one might be on its way. French retailer Cultura has a listing for “Gear.Club – Tracks Edition”. The game is listed for a release on June 11, 2020, with a price of 49,99 €. However, all the media on the page and the game’s description are just for the first Gear.Club Unlimited. This might imply that this supposed game is a sort of “complete edition” with all DLC included – or it might just be a mistake on the retailer’s part. As such, take this listing with a grain of salt at the moment. Hopefully we’ll hear something official soon.

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E3 2020, undoubtedly one of the biggest gaming events of the year, is facing the strong possibility of seeing cancellation.

Gaming publisher Devolver Digital advised its followers to cancel flights and hotels that had been booked for the expo. A number of sources have come out since then with similar information, including journalist Mike Futter.

Futter wrote on Twitter just a few moments ago:

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Update: VentureBeat has updated its article, and says that an Indie World presentation “is likely happening March 18, and then Nintendo Direct will happen March 26.”

Original: We haven’t seen a general Nintendo Direct in more than half a year, so the anticipation for a new broadcast is at an all time high. Adding to that is the uncertainty behind Nintendo’s 2020 lineup, as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is one of the company’s few games confirmed for this year – and we still don’t have an exact release date.

It’s only a matter of time before we see the next Nintendo Direct, but VentureBeat claims to have some information as to when it will debut. The site is reporting that Nintendo is “in the final stages of putting the video presentation together,” which could air “in the next two weeks with a penciled-in date of March 18 or March 19.” That’s based on some information VentureBeat has received and other indicators such as YouTube playlists being updated.

New Pokemon are showing up in Pokemon Sword and Shield that were not originally in the game.

Some players have started receiving unreleased Pokemon via Surprise Trades in-game; the Pokemon spotted include Gen VII starter Litten, Gen I starter Squirtle, and the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has five DLC characters, but the fun isn’t stopping there. It was announced last month that another six fighters are set to be delivered by the end of 2021.

There’s always speculation as to who could be joining the game. Sora from Kingdom Hearts is one such character that’s been highly requested by fans, but it has yet to happen. Apparently, that isn’t due to a lack of interest on Nintendo’s part.