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Runbow details

Posted on October 18, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

A few days ago, Polygon published a preview of Runbow based on a playable demo at IndieCade 2014. You can find a summary of details from the report below.

– Competitively running and platforming game
– 9 players compete against each other in fast and frenzied battles to the death
– Run mode was playable at IndieCade
– This has players sprinting from one side of the screen to the other, punching each other and hopping from platform-to-platform
– Colored gates, platforms and other obstacles are included in each level
– Green, blue, purple, orange colors
– One of those colors sweeps across the game’s background every few seconds
– When this happens, it momentarily deleting all platforms of the same color
– Runbow’s tagline “If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”
– If players lag too far behind and fall offscreen, they’ll die
– Sometimes a spiked boulder will come rolling onto the stage
– Power-ups included
– Can punch opponents at any time to momentarily stun them
– A Power Punch pick-up makes punches stronger by launching opponents into the air
– Lightning power-up shocks everyone else for an extended stun
– Another power-up makes everything happen in slow motion
– Other power-up swaps one player’s location with another
– King of the Hill-style mode and a deathmatch battle known as Arena are included
– Ties in Run mode are settled in a version of the game’s deathmatch mode
– This involves bouncing on a floor made of mushrooms while trying to avoid spike pits
– The player using the GamePad can dole out power-ups and switch the background color on the fly in the game’s Colourmaster mode
– In this mode, it’s really a means to torment up to eight friends as they fight among themselves
– 2 players share a Wii Remote-Classic Controller pairing so that the controller essentially becomes two
– Coming to Wii U first
– Nintendo has been “insanely supportive” of the game
– Out in early 2015
– Team is working on color blind options
– The game has a black and white tonal visual option that may serve as the best solution for color blind players


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