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Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space update out now on Switch (version 1.0.3), patch notes

Posted on January 9, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space update 1.0.3

Skunkape Games has readied a new 1.0.3 update for the remastered version of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space for Switch. It includes bug fixes, of which there are many.

Below are the full patch notes for the Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space version 1.0.3 update:


  • Fixed situations where selecting a character to start an interactive dialog would seem to cancel out, with Sam walking away instead of talking to them. (This was related to issues with joysticks not being fully centered, and Sam imperceptibly walking away from the character you selected, rudely choosing to bail out on the dialog.)
  • Fixed dialog selection UI disappearing in the driving mini-games when time runs out while choices are active.
  • Up-resed texture for shark, Hawaiian t-shirt and tiki head in Stinky’s Diner.
  • Italian & Spanish translation fixes in subtitles and game textures.
  • Fixed spelling of “Pharaoh” on Street billboard.
  • Fixed unreadably low res text in bottom corner of episode title cards (Switch only).

Episode 1:

  • Fixed snowball sometimes not melting.
  • Fixed DeSoto slowly backing up out of the driving scene after colliding with cross traffic. 
  • Fixed spelling of “outcropping” when talking to Santa in Christmas Future. Sorry “outcrapping” appreciators.
  • Slight touch-ups to the gift computer in Santa’s Workshop, and changed the light it spills on Sam’s face to green to match the art on the computer screen.
  • Made ghost Sam’s gun ghostly instead of solid in Christmas Past/Present/Future.
  • Removed bright gunshot flashes in Workshop & Santa’s Room when flashing FX are disabled.
  • Fixed music not ducking when talking to Jimmy about the robot.
  • Fixed camera sometimes clipping into Sam’s head when looking at master plan in Bosco’s.
  • Fixed Stinky popping into position after looking at pie.
  • Fixed lighting pop in Stinky’s when losing trivia contest.
  • Fixed lighting on the airplane prop when using record player in Santa’s Workshop.
  • Fixed Sam’s hand clipping into table when using package in Store.
  • Fixed bright lamp in Office when removing Maimtron key with lights off (Switch only).
  • Fixed swipe to dodge in Boxing (Switch only).

Episode 2:

  • Fixed Jimmy Hoffa sometimes not being visible on Easter Island.
  • Fixed Hoffa sometimes not giving Sam the waitress tray when offering him a drink.
  • Fixed unprocessed answering machine recording in Office.
  • Fixed slow Max Kid walk animation when talking to Jimmy in Street.
  • Fixed Max teleporting when using Bomb B Gone for the first time in Store.
  • Fixed Mariachi floating when dancing on Moai on Easter Island.

Episode 3:

  • Fixed interacting with Max in Sam’s body during finale in Jurgen’s Lair after loading a save.
  • Changed Max’s line from “Ja whol” to “Jawhol” when exiting to Stuttgart from Street.
  • Removed bright camera flashes in epilogue cutscene when flashing FX are disabled.
  • Fixed instances where the Jesse James’ hand cutscene would not play when winning driving after becoming zombies, but before returning to Street.
  • Fixed zombie hands sometimes clipping into camera when talking to Superball in Stuttgart.
  • Fixed castle texture seam in Stuttgart.
  • Fixed surprise Flint cutscene not always playing when entering bookshelf in Zombie Factory.
  • Fixed “touch to continue”/”click to continue” text being reversed on You Are Dead screen.

Episode 4:

  • Fixed Max’s ear clipping into stall door when looking at scrawled message in Bunker.
  • Fixed using tar cake sample on Superball not working in Oval Office.
  • Fixed Flint clipping through door in opening cutscene.
  • Fixed music display case transparency glitch in Stinky’s.
  • Fixed music not restarting in Office Near Future after Superball does mind wipe.
  • Fixed Sam sliding across room if gun is drawn when mariachi finishes singing in Oval Office.
  • Fixed background music and Mariachi music playing at the same time when you save & load while he’s singing.
  • Fixed a pop in Sam’s position after the intro cutscene in the Oval Office.
  • Hid the password on the x-ray when it’s still an inventory item and hasn’t been used yet.

Episode 5:

  • Fixed incorrect music in Street — on some platforms, a shortened version of the Street theme was playing, due to a build script getting confused. The funky electrified violin solo has returned. (PC & Switch)
  • Removed bright flashes when Cooking Show is cancelled if flashing FX are disabled.
  • Fixed dark lighting when entering and exiting Hell Reception.
  • Fixed hallway being too bright when exiting Hell Office to Hell Wing.
  • Fixed flickering lighting on sleigh in Hell Pit.
  • Fixed the Hell TV overlay not covering the edge of screen in Cooking Show.
  • Fixed unprocessed answering machine recording in Sam & Max’s office.
  • Fixed texture seams on Mr. Spatula’s pebbles in Hell Office.
  • Fixed seam in fire pee texture animation in Hell Office. You’re welcome.
  • Fixed squished aspect ratio on the images displayed on the board room projector in Hell Office.
  • Fixed instances where Max could be seen on screen behind Sam before he’s hopped out of the manhole when entering Street.
  • Fixed void visible when waking the Maimtron around in the Street.
  • Fixed Whizzer animation pop when entering Stinky’s.
  • Fixed Mimesweeper music playing in Hell Office during cutscene when Satan sends Sam to Hell.
  • Fixed Satan & Max animation pops in Hell Office when returning from Office diorama.
  • Fixed void visible when using remote on the Maimtron.
  • Fixed small animation glitches when Momma Bosco leaves.

All players can access the Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space version 1.0.3 update now.


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