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Sam & Max Save the World Remastered update out now on Switch (version 1.0.8), patch notes

Posted on August 16, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Sam & Max Save the World Remastered

Skunkape has updated Sam & Max Save the World Remastered once again. If you own the game, be sure to download version 1.0.8.

The latest update largely includes many different fixes and a couple of adjustments like increased music mix volume on Switch. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

All Episodes:

  • Switch: Increased music mix volume to match PC. Thanks everyone who reported mysteriously quiet music on Switch!
  • Switch: Fixed a bug preventing double-tapping the touchscreen from making Sam run.
  • Switch: Fixed bad model deformation on Specs’ mouth corners. (PC fixed in 1.0.6.)
  • Disabled the pause menu while a dialog box is active. Sorry, it’s true, you can no longer pause the game in a panic when it’s in the middle of warning you about something.
  • Fixed a bug causing Sam’s gun to appear stuck to his hand in some situations when loading from a game saved in shooting mode.
  • Fixed “Art Director” text running off screen during opening credits in French, Hungarian & Polish.
  • Fixed small hole in the world visible when driving on sidewalk.
  • Fixed a dark/unlit patch of lighting outside Bosco’s.
  • Fixed some little jaggies and shadow ghosting in the Sam & Max logo on the menu. Crucial fix!

Episode 101:

  • Fixed symptoms form being upside down when Sybil writes on it at her desk.
  • Fixed unpleasant shadow under schematic when giving it to Bosco.
  • Fixed Sam pathing to a strange point when clicking on Sybil.
  • Fixed Whizzer’s hand clipping through his shorts at the end of the Soda Poppers song.

Episode 102:

  • Fixed instances of the spice shaker floating in air after skipping lines in Cooking Without Looking.
  • Fixed instances of trivia cards floating in air after skipping lines in Who’s Never Going To Be A Millionaire.
  • Fixed Myra’s audience boos that were originally ooohs. Thanks again to folks who pointed this out!
  • Fixed instances where Myra’s microphone & grabber could float in the air after skipping lines.
  • Fixed Sam’s tie clipping into his chest during sitcom.

Episode 103:

  • Switch: Improved lighting when Ted E. Bear steps out of shadows during initiation. (PC fixed in 1.0.6.)
  • Fixed street background art was misaligned in the final cutscene of the Mafia Chase.
  • Fixed hitch when shooting Sybil’s coffee cup.
  • Fixed instances where Sam’s aim would look like its off if players saved and loaded during Wak Da Ratz.

Episode 104:

  • Fixed hole in the world visible when Sam & Max talk about Shaft.
  • Fixed small animation pop when using the bug on Lincoln.
  • Fixed small animation pop when talking to the president.
  • Fixed camera pop when using nutcracker.
  • Fixed Sam popping back into place after using nutcracker.
  • Fixed Sam popping back into place after interpreting for the president.
  • Fixed Sam walking through Superball in Oval Office after winning election. Sorry, Superball.
  • Fixed Sam popping back into place after talking to Hugh Bliss.
  • Fixed Max’s foot clipping into White House awning pole when entering from Oval Office.

Episode 105:

  • Fixed typo in Text Adventure (changed “seem” to “seen”).
  • Fixed the episode title being stuck on screen if players skip lines during the opening credits.
  • Fixed issues where Sam’s virtual gun could disappear in the Reality 2.0 Street.

Episode 106:

  • Fixed hitch in opening credits.
  • Fixed instances where the screen gets stuck on black if skipping dialog during the game’s opening.
  • Fixed Max pop after riding the elevator down in the Blister of Tranquility
  • Fixed instances where Sam could warp back to the entrance after riding the elevator or the roller coaster in Blister of Tranqility.


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