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How to play Tower Control in Splatoon 3

Posted on April 22, 2024 by in Guides, Switch

Splatoon 3 Tower Control

Tower Control is one of the tougher ranked modes available in Splatoon 3. Hence its name, the mode is centered around a tower that first appears at the center of the stage. As usual, Tower Control is a lot easier when you have the ability to coordinate with a team of friends over voice chat. Whether you have access to that option or not, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you get better at the game.

What is Tower Control?

What is Tower Control?

Tower Control is all about the tower that appears in the center of the stage. Basically, the object of this mode is to stand on the tower and ride it through a predetermined route that passes a few checkpoints and a goal – and when the tower hits the opponent’s goal, you win. The tower only moves when someone is standing on top of it. If it’s left unattended too long, the tower will slowly return to its position at the middle of the stage. There are two main ways to win a Tower Control match: by breaking through the opponent’s checkpoints and reaching the goal, or by having a higher score when the match’s time runs out. When the timer reaches 0, overtime begins if the losing team has control of the tower at that time. As soon as they lose control or gain the lead, the match ends.

When the tower reaches a checkpoint, it stops in its tracks for a few seconds before continuing to move forward. The tower is forced to come to a halt during this time, making it especially vulnerable to specials. If the enemy is on the tower and about to break through your checkpoint, it’s a good time to fire off a special and try to jump on top of the tower before the checkpoint breaks.

What weapons are best here?

What weapons are best here?

Lots of different weapons work well in Tower Control. You’ll often see opponents run Chargers or Splatlings and then stand on the tower and shoot down opponents. You can always join them if you like – otherwise, using weapons with bombs is a great idea here. Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs often force enemies off the tower, which can give you a great opportunity to take it back. Blasters are also good at either splatting opponents on the tower or scaring them off of it. Tower Control is one of the most versatile modes in Splatoon 3, so feel free to pick whatever kind of weapon you’re most comfortable with! As long as it has bombs, that is.

In terms of specials, ones that deny opponents access to a specific area work great. Triple Inkstrike, Booyah Bomb, and occasionally Killer Wail (particularly against Splatlings and Chargers) can force opponents off the tower when they’re trying to break through your checkpoint. You might think using Kraken and then staying on top of the tower could be a good strategy, but that isn’t quite the case. It’s very easy for opponents to shoot you off the tower, and sometimes off-stage and to your death! Kraken is a decent special in this mode as long as you’re not intending to stay on top of the tower with it. Use it to splat your enemies instead and cause as much chaos as possible.

General tips and tricks for Tower Control in Splatoon 3

General tips and tricks for Tower Control in Splatoon 3

As mentioned earlier, the tower in Tower Control is very vulnerable to coordinated specials. That means it’s generally not a good idea to have your entire team standing on the tower at the same time, lest you’re all wiped out by the same Trizooka! That said, it’s okay to switch places with someone standing on the tower, and that’s where the “voice chat advantage” certainly comes in. Your special automatically charges while you’re standing on the tower, so even if you’re not inking anything, you can prepare your next assault. Speaking of specials, though, you’ll need to be careful with object specials. Things like Tacticoolers, Bubblers, and Wave Breakers don’t last as long if they’re placed on top of the tower. They’re also completely destroyed if the tower runs them over, so don’t do that! Whereas you’ll want to place Tacticoolers and Wave Breakers out of the tower’s way, Bubblers are still best placed on top of the tower itself – especially given their recent buff.

It’s also important to make sure that at least one player is on the tower at all times. Tower Control matches tend to go back and forth, so you don’t want to lose the tower and halt your progress because no one was standing on top of it. It’s especially key to stay on top of the tower during checkpoints and during the last few seconds of the match. As we mentioned earlier, a Bubbler can work wonders placed on top of a tower, especially while you’re trying to break a checkpoint.

Overall, Tower Control can feel kind of difficult sometimes – given that its premise encourages players to group up around the tower, it’s very easy for specials to turn the tide of battle. If you’ve got any tips of your own to share, feel free to drop them down below. We also have guides on how to play Splatoon 3’s Rainmaker and Clam Blitz modes, if you’re interested in those.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Switch. Access the official site here.

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