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Storm in a Teacup bringing “next-generation visual novel” Nero to the Wii U eShop

Posted on April 9, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

Storm In a Teacup has confirmed its new project for the Wii U eShop known as “Nero”. ONM has a scoop on the game in its latest issue.

Much of Nero is shrouded in mystery, but it’s said to be a “next-generation visual novel”. Players will be taken on a first-person journey across a midnight dreamscape. Strangely, the area only seems to be inhabited by two robed figures and jellyfish.

“Let’s just say that Nero is about finding out a truth that is going to be gold through gameplay,” creative director Carlo Bianchi told ONM.

Nero will be a multiplatform release, but the Wii U version will feature a map and extra indicators on the GamePad. The screen will be clear of any on-screen UI.

You can find a trailer for Nero above. It looks interesting, to say the least!

Thanks to joclo for the tip.


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