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Sunsoft is Back: Retro Game Selection announced for Switch

Posted on April 10, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Sunsoft is Back: Retro Game Selection

Today, Sunsoft announced Sunsoft is Back: Retro Game Selection for Switch. A release is scheduled for April 18, 2024 in Japan – English support is planned for the future, so a western launch should be happening later.

Sunsoft is Back: Retro Game Selection includes three games from the 1980s – specifically Wings of Madura, 53 Stations of the Tokaido, and Ripple Island. Save and rewind functions are supported and a Gallery Mode is available.

Here’s some additional information: 

Sunsoft revival commemoration! 3 classic retro games from Sunsoft Wings of Madura, 53 Stations of the Tokaido, and Ripple Island. A luxurious set that has been ported all at once is now available!

Save and rewind functions have been added, making it even easier to play! Even those who couldn’t clear it back then might be able to get revenge!?

Games Introduction

Wings of Madura

A long time ago, there was a bird statue called “Madura’s Wings” in the land of Badam. It was said that whoever possessed it could rule the world, and people fought over the “Wings of Madura”.

In a certain era, when the “Wings of Madura” came to a kind-hearted king, the king sealed it away and entrusted the Ramer family to protect it. However, Daltos, a member of the Ramer family, betrayed his family and took Madura away.
Daltos built a demonic fortress and tried to rule the world.

The battle between Daltos and the Ramer clan became extremely fierce, but eventually Lucia was the only warrior of the Ramer clan left. Lucia, the only member of the Ramel tribe who can use magic, does not back down even when she is left alone and heads towards Alex Castle where Daltos is.

Key Features

  • A side-scrolling action game where you control Lucia!
  • Defeat the bosses waiting at the end of various stages and advance through the stages!
  • There are many evil monsters on the stage,
  • Power-up items and items that allow you to use new magic are falling!
  • Can you defeat Daltos waiting in the final stage?

53 Stations of the Tokaido 

Kantaro, a fireworks craftsman from Edo, created a new type of fireworks that he learned in Kyoto. I started a trip to Tokaido because I wanted to show it to everyone in Edo.

However, an evil merchant named Inokuniya Gozaemon, who manufactures illegal guns, changed the manufacturing method for these fireworks. He planned to steal it from Kantaro and use it to make guns.

To the assassins sent to steal the manufacturing method, Kantaro fights by throwing tantrums.

Will Kantaro be able to safely set off fireworks at the Sumida River in Edo? And will he be able to reunite with Momoko-chan, who is his good friend?

Key Features

  • It’s exhilarating once you get hooked!
  • It’s a side-scrolling action game that features slightly addictive actions!
  • Defeat your enemies by hitting them with tantrum balls.
  • Even if there seems to be nothing there, if you hit the tantrum ball, an item may appear!
  • If you collect items, you can become stronger against specific enemies!
  • Proceed along the Tokaido to set off fireworks at the Sumida River!

Ripple Island

A small island called Ripple Island was floating on the ocean somewhere. The residents of the island lived peacefully surrounded by rich nature.

One day, a monster calling himself Emperor Gerogel kidnaps the island’s princess Nasarel. The invasion of Ripple Island has begun!

Doterra, the king of the island, thought that things couldn’t go on like this, so he sent out a message to the residents. “I want the hero who defeats Gerogere to be given a suitable reward and to be married to Princess Nasarel.”

Kyle, a boy living on the outskirts of town who has been aiming to get rich quickly, sees the news and immediately prepares for a trip. They set out for the fortress where Gerogale was hiding.

Key Features

  • Ripple Island is an adventure game where Kyle is the main character.
  • Use 9 different commands to overcome numerous obstacles and defeat Gerogale.
  • The fate of Ripple Island depends on the decisions you make.

Gallery mode

  • Contains valuable materials related to “Wings of Madura”, “53 Stations of the Tokaido”, and “Ripple Island”!
  • Original illustrations, proposals, unpublished illustrations, etc. from that time, etc.
  • We recorded everything that was left inside the Sunsoft office!

Sunsoft is Back: Retro Game Selection will be sold physically and digitally in Japan. The packaged version is due out this summer.


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