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Skábma: Snowfall

At the 2022 Tokyo Game Show today, PID Games, Sunsoft, and Red Stage Entertainment announced that Skábma: Snowfall will be released on Switch. It will be available in 2023.

Skábma: Snowfall is a narrative third-person adventure featuring environmental puzzles and platforming challenges. More information can be found in the following overview:

Ufouria: The Saga

During a presentation today, Sunsoft revealed that it’s bringing back Ufouria: The Saga for release on Switch. It will be available in 2023.

Ufouria: The Saga didn’t actually receive a release in North America originally. It first came out in Japan in 1991, followed by Europe the following year. North America would end up receiving the title on the Virtual Console.

Gimmick Special Edition

Sunsoft today revealed that it’s bringing back Gimmick!, a platformer the company first launched in 1992. A release is planned for this winter on Switch where it will be called Gimmick! Special Edition.

Gimmick! has players maneuvering the tiny green toy Yumetaro through punishingly difficult levels to save its lost owner. New features are planned for the upcoming release, including achievements, time attack mode, save, load and rewind functions, a gallery mode, and more.

Sunsoft virtual event

Sunsoft will be hosting a new virtual event on August 18, the developer and publisher revealed today. The broadcast will cover upcoming titles for 2022 and 2023.

Sunsoft was one of the first publishers licensed to publish games for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. It made classic titles for both original properties and major licenses, such as Batman. The company’s games included Spy Hunter, Aero the Acro-bat, Blaster Master, and Uforia: The Saga.


Blaster Master Zero 3

Blaster Master Zero III, releasing July 29th, has new information from Inti Creates regarding the new additions for this entry in the series. Check out the overview for characters Kane, Jennifer, and Metal Attacker (Original) below, as curated by Gematsu:

Sunsoft originally had plans to create a NES game based on The Terminator. Unfortunately, after the project was started in 1989, Sunsoft lost the movie rights. The studio pivoted, and decided to redo the title as the sci-fi platformer Journey to Silius.

Creative Licensing Corporation founder Rand Marlis told Gaming Alexandria that Sunsoft lost the rights to The Terminator since the game didn’t follow the plot of the film. The plan was to have it take place in the future as opposed to “modern day”. Also, instead of featuring Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor’s fight against a mechanical assassin, the game would involve artificial intelligence Skynet taking over the world with its army of robots.

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