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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission version 1.01.01 patch notes

Posted on April 29, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission received a notable update last week. Bandai Namco added new cards, stages, and more. Bug fixes were also implemented with version 1.01.01.

We now have the full patch notes for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission’s new update. Continue on below to read them in full.

New content

  • 16 new cards with 14 coming from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly
    • UM5-054 Vegeta:BR (SSGSS)
    • UM6-050 Goku:BR (SSGSS)
    • UM5-068 Broly:BR (Fury, Battle Suit)
    • UM6-052 Vegeta:BR (SSG)
    • UM5-059 Bulma:BR (Snowsuit)
    • UM5-061 Gine:BR
    • UM5-063 King Cold:BR
    • UM6-058 Bardock:BR
    • UM6-065 Broly:BR (Normal, Damaged suit)
    • UM6-068 Cheelai:BR
    • UM6-067 Lemo:BR
    • UM5-065 Nappa:BR
    • UMPW-01 : Goku: Zeno (SS4)
    • UMPW-02 : Vegeta: Zeno (SS4)
    • UMPW-03 : Trunks: Future (SS1) (Prison Suit)
    • UMPW-04 : Sealas (Normal)
  • New content for the Creation Mode
  • 13 Super Attacks
  • 14 Abilities
  • 16 Character designs
  • 7 Accessories(Super Attack Type)
  • 13 Accessories(Ability Type)
  • 4 new battle stages
  • 10 Extra Mission, available from the Hero Lab
  • Added Camaraderie Bonus for newly added characters (11)
  • Bulma’s voice in-game has been replaced by the voice of a new actress, following the passing away of the original voice actress.
  • Background music new options: players can now customize the background music with theme songs from Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission and Dragon
  • Ball Heroes anime series.
  • Help text added in the Team Battle and DB Cup Online Menu screen.

Bug fixes

  • Game crashes when starting a tournament in Hero Stadium with Dark Demon God as an avatar, in God Class Up or Super God Class Up.
  • Trunks navigation voice disappears during the battle after playing mini game “Charge Impact” in the Hero Lab.
  • When attempting an online battle while Trunks voice has disappeared, the game gets stuck when Pursuit chance appears.
  • Reward conditions in Creation Mode do not work properly.
  • Unlimited rewards glitch in the Creation Mode

Known issues

  • Using an original custom card created with elements from the Free Update (Character Stickers, Ability, Accessory item and Super Attack Accessory items) in an uploaded Edit Mission will prompt up a connection error message. Note that this error does not occur in Story mode.


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