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Super Mario Run adds new Friendly Run mode

Posted on December 21, 2016 by in Mobile

Super Mario Run has added a new mode, which is essentially a risk-free version of Toad Rally. You can race against specific friends and see how they’re doing at courses, and you don’t need Rally Tickets to play, nor will you lose (or gain) Toads. You can also only play Friendly Run a set number of times a day; If you haven’t cleared the first world, you can only play once a day. Clearing World 1 will allow you to play three times, and clearing World 2 will let you play five times. Run after the break to see the full notification from Nintendo:

Looking to improve your performance in Toad Rally?
Eager to know how THAT person on your Friend List has been able to stay out in first place all week?
If this sounds familiar, you should try out Friendly Run, where you can casually compete against your friends!
No need for Rally Tickets in this mode!

How to Play Friendly Run
?Step 1: Add a friend!
If you haven’t yet added a friend, this is the perfect opportunity!
You can add friends by going to your Friend List and then tapping Link, Invite, or Add.

Once the other person accepts your invitation, the process is complete!

?Step 2: Choose your opponent from your Friend List!
Once a friend is added to your Friend List, you can challenge them to a Friendly Run!
Decide who to challenge from your list of friends and then tap the Run button to start!

About Play Limits
The number of times you can play in a day is determined by the progress you have made in World Tour.

?Number of Daily Plays Available
-Haven’t cleared World 1: One time
-World 1 cleared: Three times
-World 2 cleared: Five times

Playing Friendly Run will not increase the number of enemies defeated, coins, and Toads.
You can play Friendly Run once you have completed the Kingdom Builder tutorial.

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