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Super Mario World localization prototype shared

Posted on December 24, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Super Mario World localization prototype

Forest of Illusion has secured a little piece of Nintendo history having shared a prototype build from the localized version of Super Mario World. It has a date of October 25, 1990, which was nearly a year before the game launched in North America.

A number of debugging features are included, which made localization easier for developers. For instance, Mario can access any point of the map without completing the previous stage. Also, when the timer hits zero, he doesn’t die. Other features include being able to instantly complete a level, toggling between different colored Yoshis, cycling through power-ups inside a stage, and moving Mario anywhere on the screen.

Here’s a rundown of differences in the Super Mario World localization prototype:

  • The sign at Yoshi’s House has different shading and lettering.
  • Text box font is much slimmer than the retail version.
  • Numerous script differences.
  • Donut Plains 2, Donut Secret House, and “Funky” match the Japanese version.
  • Star Road stages lead to the various test stages.
  • Mario will not die upon the timer running out.
  • Various debugging features are enabled.
  • In the staff roll, Boo Buddies and Big Boo are referred to as Boo Diddly and Boo Jackson.
  • Font graphics from an early version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past can be found.

Forest of Illusion shows off the Super Mario World localization prototype further in the video below.


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