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Super Zoo Story, open-world zoo simulator with RPG elements, coming to Switch

Posted on June 10, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Super Zoo Story

Publisher Crytivo and developer Super Zoo Story Team announced today that Super Zoo Story, an open-world zoo simulator with RPG elements, is in the works for Switch. The project is targeting a 2023 launch.

We have more information about Super Zoo Story in the following overview:

For the entirety of your childhood, you’ve spent your time alongside animals. Your father was the owner of an old island zoo that, after his passing, was left to ruin. In an effort to save the legacy of your family and the animals within, you took on the responsibility. Now, it’s up to you to create your own Super Zoo Story!

Key Features:

Build your Zoo
Build different enclosures for your animals and decorate them with tons of cosmetic items that you will have a chance to create yourself or purchase at the market. Help the local residents to rebuild and update a local oceanarium and populate it with lots of different species.

Collect a variety of different animals and creatures
Super Zoo Story has over 70 different animal types which include exotic animals and dinos!

Take care of your animals
Each animal type in the game poses unique characteristics, appearances, and requirements to their habitat. Ensure you provide the best care for your animals. Pay attention to their needs, feed them, and provide medical help when needed. Do everything in order to keep them happy.

Create a unique look for your Dynos
Create new look for your dinosaur species by combining DNA of animals and Dinosaurs! DNA combination will provide unique color patters and new colors for your Dynos!

Explore caves and other points of interest in order to find new animal species or dinosaur remains.

Build Relationships
The island will have over 40 different characters. Each character will perform their own tasks and will live their own lives. Build relationships with them. Become friends or maybe create a family with one of the characters.

Help residents to acquire their own personal animals and bring happiness to their houses.
You will have all the tools to create your own unique Super Zoo Story!

View a trailer for Super Zoo Story below.

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