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A new survival RPG is planned for Switch, with publisher Crytivo and developer Eli Segal confirming Wanderlost for the console. The two sides have not shared a release window just yet.

Despite being a survival RPG, Wanderlost is actually set “set against the backdrop of an adorable and pixelated post-apocalyptic world.” Players will take on the role of a survivor as they explore the ruins of old-America.

Roots of Pacha preview

Whenever a new farming-themed game hits the market, the big question that always seems to come up is: what does this game bring to the table that hasn’t already been done by the juggernaut that is Stardew Valley?  A lot of times the most obvious difference between games in this genre is the setting, and Roots of Pacha – an upcoming farming game/village builder from indie developer Soda Den – is setting itself apart by going all the way back in time to the Stone Age. During a recent gameplay demo at Summer Game Fest, I got to chat with Soda Den co-founder and lead developer Timo Dadony about just what their upcoming game is trying to accomplish.

Crucially, Roots of Pacha’s unique time period seems to play more of a role in how the game plays rather than merely being set dressing. The game tasks players with building up a clan of villagers at the outset of human innovation, back when very few tools even existed. From this starting point, players will “help your clan develop the ideas that shape humanity” through multiple eras of history all the way through the Iron Age. And while farming is certainly a part of that – as well as inventing the various pieces of equipment to make that happen – it also includes things like developing culture, arts, and even religion as part of a growing society.

Super Zoo Story

Publisher Crytivo and developer Super Zoo Story Team announced today that Super Zoo Story, an open-world zoo simulator with RPG elements, is in the works for Switch. The project is targeting a 2023 launch.

We have more information about Super Zoo Story in the following overview:

Serin Fate

Publisher Crytivo and developer Vethergen have confirmed plans to bring Serin Fate to Switch. The hand-crafted fantasy RPG made its debut on PC previously, but it’s unclear when it will be ready to go on Nintendo’s console.

Serin Fate begins with players being turned into a witch by a particular stone right before it’s destroyed. You’ll then be using the new magic you’ve received to aid Princess Starwen in finding the lost Shards of Fate. Throughout the journey, you’ll enter monster-infested lands to uncover ancient relics and restore the Fate Stone.

Weaving Tides, which just debuted on Switch this week, has received a new batch of gameplay footage. Have a look at the video below.

You can pick up Weaving Tides as a Switch eShop download. We previously shared additional information and a trailer for the game here.

Crytivo and Follow the Feathers have shared a launch trailer for Weaving Tides, their new adventure game on Switch. Watch it below.

Weaving Tides is currently up on the Switch eShop. We have more on the game in our previous post here.

Weaving Tides

Weaving Tides, which was featured during the latest Indie World Showcase, appears to be just a few days away from release. A digital launch is planned for May 27, according to an eShop listing.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Good Boys and Crytivo have announced that Trail Out is coming to Switch. Check out an overview and trailer below.

Weaving Tides

Crytivo and Follow the Feathers have debuted new footage from Weaving Tides, a Zelda-inspired adventure game. View the video below.

Weaving Tides is targeted for release later in 2020.

Weaving Tides

Follow the Feathers has managed to fund its Zelda-inspired puzzle adventure game Weaving Tides through Kickstarter. After raising over $40,000, the project has been secured for Switch. Crytivo will handle publishing.

We have the following overview and trailer for Weaving Tides:

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