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Supraland DLC unlikely to release on consoles

Posted on January 4, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

A few months ago, Supraland debuted on consoles, including Switch. Unfortunately, the “Crash” DLC that released on PC last summer is unlikely to make it over.

Supra Games said that the “PC and console are both on completely different versions of the game” and the DLC “is just not compatible.” It was also pointed out that a very low amount of players would probably purchase the extra content.

Supra Games explained:

“To answer a frequently asked question: the first DLC will probably not make it onto consoles. The effort would be ridiculous, because PC and console are both on completely different versions of the game. The DLC is just not compatible. The console versions are based on a Supraland version from late 2019. The Steam version received many improvements and some more content in the meantime.

But the bigger problem is that DLCs are a terrible business model if you actually put effort into the content, like we do. Roughly 10% of players (who bought the maingame) buy DLCs, so they are only worth it, if they are done in a very half-assed fashion. I guess this explains the many AAA DLCs you’re thinking about right now.
In our case 7.5% of Supraland buyers also bought the first DLC. Yeah, that’s not great.”

Also in the same post, Supra Games said it took roughly a year to port Supraland to consoles. The developer mentioned that he believes “the most work went into performance because especially the Switch is really weak compared to all other systems.”


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