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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris update (version 3.10) available now, patch notes

Posted on October 14, 2022 by in News, Switch

An extensive new update for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris has just been released, bringing with it a variety of new content, quality of life updates, and bug fixes. Full details can be found below:

New Additional Contents

– Added four new Arcane Arsenal quests that focus on new playable characters; “Premiere”, “Tia”, “Kureha”, and “Zeliska”.

Completing all four quests will unlock the final quest “The Ties That Bind”.

– Added “Ultimate Kirito” to the Memory Arena.
– Added three new SP weapons that can be exchanged at the Memory Exchange.

You can exchange it for an eligible weapon of the same name, enhanced to +99.
*SP Weapons that has been added to the Memory Exchange cannot be strengthened.

*Exchangeable weapons will be unique weapons whereenhancement values cannot be transferred to other weapons.

– Added more options for using “Exchange Tickets”.

“Exchange Tickets” in the SAO SHOP can be exchanged for “CUBE Tickets” or “Incarnation Shard Tickets”.
CUBE Tickets can be exchanged in the SAO Shop.
You can now trade in Incarnation Shard Tickets for Incarnation Shards by speaking to the Enigma Brokerat North Centoria.

– Added new Attachments.


– Reduced the number of “Incarnation Shards” required to strengthen equipment.

The number of Shards required to reach the “+50” enhancement has been reduced.

– Elimination of “Recommended Level” and change of notation to “Enemy Lv.”
– The Enemy Lv. on the first playthrough of Blooming of Matricaria and on the “+” difficulty level has been reduced.

To make it easier for beginnerandintermediate players to play, the EnemyLv. for the first time playing Blooming of Matricaria has been reduced from 100 to 95.
The Enemy Lv. for difficulty level “+” has been changed from 146 to 136.

– The newly added map in Blooming of Matricaria has been modified for easier access to certain locations.
– Changed the benefits when controlling party members other than Kirito.

When usingother the other squads led by characters such as Asuna or Bercouli,buff effects such as increased EXP have been added.
When controlling Bercouli’s party, treasure chests have been improvedto contain more valuable items.

– Boss areas and save points have been placed in the middle layers of the “Central Nimarivera”.

In order to eliminate the repetitive feel of the dungeon and expand the scope of gameplay, the dungeon has been modified so that bosses appear in the 10th, 30th, 50th,70th, and 90th layers of the dungeon.
In addition, save points have been installedas fast travel points to enhance usability.
In conjunction with this change, the starting pointsfor events that used to occur in the certainlayers have been changed.

-The contents of the treasure chests in “Central Nimarivera” have been adjusted further depending on the difficulty level.

To increase the value of treasure chests in dungeons and to encourage users to enjoy exploring dungeons, the contents of treasure chests have been modified so that they become better as the difficulty level increases.

– The location of the entrance and exit points on the map of “Central Nimarivera” has been corrected.

In the lower layers, the entrances and exits of the dungeon map, where it is easy to get lost in some areas, have been changed so that the distances are closer together. In addition, some walls have been removed.

– Certain appearances of “Central Nimarivera” have been modified.
– The visibility of the enemies to be defeated in “Central Nimarivera” has been improved.

In order to differentiate the enemies to be defeated, we have unified the enemies that appear in the dungeon to be the same as those in the main levels.
(The differences between Mutated Beasts and Named Monsters that appear in the dungeon have been made easier to understand.)

– The enemies in “Central Nimarivera” now drop “Incarnation Shards”.

Enemies in the dungeon will now drop multiple Incarnation Shards.

– In order toprevent falling while moving through the mountains on the 40th layer and the surface layer of “Saxdus Ravine”, an invisible barrier has been installed.
– Certain RTE events in Blooming of Matricaria have been modified.
– Certain models of Blooming of Matricaria bosses, such as the model for the “Generate Servant” skill, have been modified.
– Modification of event flows: Improvement of usability for each event

Prologue skip: In Blooming of Matricaria+ (from the second run), a part of the prologue can now be skipped at once. In addition, a dialog box is displayed at the beginning of the prologue to prompt the user to confirm whether to skip the prologue.

Modification of the event flow in the chapter “Pruning”: In order to improveusability, a part of the dungeon explorationin “Central Nimarivera” has been deleted. Scene flow has been adjusted due to this deletion.In addition, the dungeon exploration part with Asuna’s party has been modified so that players have a choice on whether they want to explore or notin and after the second runand on.

Modification of the event flow in the chapter “Axillary Bud”: Some playable parts have been removed to improve usability.

Added an option to skip a part of the Round Robin battle in the normal route of Blooming of Matricaria.


– Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is available now on Switch.

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