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Tassei working on PC stream card for Switch

Posted on September 18, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Switch PC stream card

A ton of different games and products were shown off at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show this week, including an interesting device from Tassei that acts as a PC stream card for Switch.

Using it seems to be fairly straightforward. You simply plug the stream card into the cartridge slot on the Switch, and the device then performs some processing after receiving data from a PC. One game shown off was Stray – it was running on a nearby PC, and it could be played on a Switch. 4Gamer reports that was very little delay, which is obviously important.

Here’s a look at Tassei’s PC stream card for Switch:

Tassei is still said to be working on a product that could bring its device to market. However, a number of companies checked out the demo at the Tokyo Game Show and reacted positively, so there’s a good chance that things will move forward in the future.

One way in which developers and publishers have looked to bring some technically-challenging games to Switch is through the cloud. Franchises like Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, and Hitman don’t run natively on the console, but through the cloud over the internet. The PC stream card would be another way for games to be playable on Switch without running directly on the console.



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