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The Courier announced for Switch

Posted on March 31, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The Courier

PM Studios and developer Crescent Moon Games have announced The Courier, “an open world game about running a mail delivery business on a mysterious island.” A release is planned for 2022 on Switch.

Players will be able to uncover more of the island’s secrets as they deliver more letters. The game lets users “explore a vibrant living world, make use of various vehicles to travel around, do tons of challenges, and complete a compelling and mysterious main storyline.”

Below is an official overview for The Courier:

The Courier is an open-world game that brings players a unique way to discover a mysterious island world while delivering mail. The Courier is an exciting adventure that features over eight hours of gameplay packed with locations to uncover and secrets to learn embedded within a compelling storyline.

Key Features

An exciting open-world adventure with over 8 hours of gameplay.
Multiple islands to unlock while delivering letters.
A fascinating storyline to unravel one letter at a time.
Interesting environmental puzzles.
Mini-games that have meaning in the overall story.
Exploration by foot or boat.

Watch a trailer for The Courier below.

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