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The Crackpet Show update out now (version 1.1), patch notes

Posted on January 22, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Crackpet Show update 1.1

A new update for The Crackpet Show is now available on Switch, with players having access to version 1.1.

This patch adds new content, includes balance changes, and addresses bugs. There are even some performance enhancements regarding boss battles.

The full patch notes for The Crackpet Show version 1.1. update are as follows:

New content
  • 8 character skins to unlock (1 per character)
  • Added Japanese and Korean localization
Balance changes
  • Damage Boost Aura perk radius increased in Endless Mode
  • Rapid Fire Aura perk radius increased in Endless Mode
  • Stone Skin Aura perk radius increased in Endless Mode
  • Adrenaline Shot perk duration increased in Endless Mode
  • Limited max number of spawned enemies for Cockroach the Builder, Lionstein and Host Parrot bosses
  • Fixed issue where Auto-revive doubles some perks effects
  • Fixed sponsors’ stand graphics in the Endless Mode lobby
  • Fixed issue where some bullets may stick in place
  • Fixed being able to interact with Golden Fish in the lobby when there are no upgrades
  • Fixed an issue with looping music after endless an endless mode run
  • Fixed bug with player being stuck when exiting Secret Room via entrance
  • Improved performance of various boss battles
  • Skin selection arrows appear faster

All players on Switch can download the version 1.1 update for The Crackpet Show now. The game can be found on the eShop.

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