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The Jackbox Party Pack 7 reveals The Devils and the Details as its second game

Posted on April 5, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Jackbox Games has introduced The Devils and the Details, the second game confirmed for The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

Here’s an overview straight from the developer:

In The Devils and The Details, you and your friends play as a family of friendly devils who move from the underworld to an average suburban neighborhood. In order to fit in, you’ll work together to complete as many mundane human chores as you can. Just like real life, you’ll deal with plumbing emergencies, annoying neighbors, and of course, your own terrible family.

You’ll use your phone to tap, swipe, spin, and poke your way through a fast and furious barrage of timed household tasks. But even a highly competent demon can’t handle everything alone. Each player takes on the role of parent, teen, or kid, and many tasks require you to coordinate with others in the family. Get ready to whine at your best friend (who is now your mom) until they drive you to soccer practice. Or viciously scold your entire friend group for not helping you make dinner.

The family does best when you all work together to keep the house running smoothly. But don’t forget, “Hell is other people.” If you give into your devilish nature and take on selfish tasks, like skipping Grandma’s birthday to go make out with your boyfriend, you can earn big points for yourself, leaving the rest of the family to pick up your slack.

And a video showing off the game:

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 launches on Switch this fall. Learn about the first confirmed game, Quiplash 3, in our previous post here.


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