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The Touryst tech analysis

Posted on December 7, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Touryst

Digital Foundry is featuring The Touryst for its latest technical analysis. Though it’s not as highly publicized as Nintendo’s own titles, Shin’en has churned out a very impressive Switch game.

Here are the main points from the analysis:

– Shin’en used an in-house engine
– Uses a deferred renderer building on the work done for FAST RMX
– Dynamic resolution
– Resolution can vary from a maximum of 1080p to slightly less than 50 per cent on both axes when docked
– Outdoor areas average around 810p to around 900p while indoor areas are closer to 1080p
– Maximum resolution of 720p in portable mode and 50 per cent of that on each axis for the lower bounds
– Usually between 612p and 720p in portable mode
– No anti-aliasing since pixelated edges fit with the art style
– Just 231MB
– Virtually free of loading screens
– Traveling between islands and screens is nearly instantaneous
– Bootup sequence is very fast
– Lighting rendered internally in high dynamic range
– Strong depth of field effect
– Fast arcade game simulates the look of classic Super Scaler arcade games.
– The arcade machine also uses a shader designed to simulate an old arcade monitor
– Music program used to simulate the sound of older retro hardware
– Proper surround sound in The Touryst
– 60 frames per second locked

You can watch Digital Foundry’s analysis in full for The Touryst below.

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