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The Unexpected Quest update available now (version 1.0.3S4), patch notes

Posted on February 4, 2021 by in News, Switch eShop

The Unexpected Quest

Developer Rionix has rolled out a new update for The Unexpected Quest. Check out the patch notes below.

1) Quest list, New Quest dialog, building menus are using updated control scheme (now player is changing focused item with d-pad/L-stick instead of pointer control)

2) Reworked inventory/bag and chest controls. Now you can focus on the inventory hotbar with X button and use d-pad to select and use items. Also swapping items between chest and bag is done by pressing Y button now (when the chest is open) instead of drag-n-drop controls in previous version.

Quality of life changes:

1) Characters are slowly healing now when they’re inside of buildings.

2) After you defeat the enemy guarding the tower, you can you can immediately interact with the tower, without waiting for dead enemy to disappear.

3) Decreased pointer speed a little bit and further increased it’s slowdown when it’s over small objects like resources and characters. This makes controlling much easier.

* Fixed various rare crashes when related to firing chracters who are doing some jobs at the moment of firing

* Fixed some missing sounds for UI elements (checkboxes and sliders in options, inventory slots etc.)

* Other minor gameplay fixes

Source: OverGamez PR

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