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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy details

Posted on September 15, 2011 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

– Time three types of touch input to classic Final Fantasy music
– Touch screen used for stylus-based commands
– Information on the top screen
– Red icon: tap
– Yellow icon: swipe in a specific direction
– Green icon: press and hold
– Three modes: Battle Music, Field Music and Event Music
– Three difficulty levels
– Select a party of chibi Final Fantasy characters
– These characters will embark on your “missions”
– Characters can level up
– Battle music: battle against a familiar enemy from the Final Fantasy franchise
– One enemy you’ll battle is Ultros
– Red/yellow/green timing cues will pan across the screen in four horizontal rows, somewhat similar to a flipped Guitar Hero
– Time correctly to attack
– Misses will cause you damage and you’ll eventually lose the battle
– Field Music: One of your characters will walk along a 2D setting (can change based on the mission)
– One row for this mode instead of four
– Green/hold cues can now appear in waves
– Your character will trade off with a friend if you perform well
– Hero will trip and fall often if you time the taps poorly
– Event Music: CG cutscene montage from Final Fantasy games
– Musical commands appear along a line that meanders all across the movie as it plays
– Longer cutscenes if you play well
– Limited bonus section for each round
– If you do well, you’ll get a reward (summon a powerful creature/spirit in Battle, turn into a Chocobo and start running faster in Field)
– Skill is measured in points once a mission ends
– Comprehensive grades and summary chart containing stats


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