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Third-party docks seem to be bricking Switch systems with version 5.0.0

Posted on March 16, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Switch gained a new update this past week. While it added some features and implemented some improvements, it unfortunately seems to be causing major issues for third-party docks.

A number of docks not made by Nintendo have been released over the past year, including from Nyko. YouTuber Spawn Wave reports that his system has been completely bricked after using the company’s device with the latest Switch update. It simply won’t turn on, and it currently seems that all save data will be lost as a result.

This definitely isn’t an isolated incident. Nyko has fielded several complaints on Twitter, in some cases offering to replace the broken console and provide compensation for repair costs.

We would definitely advise against using third-party docks for the time being – Nyko or otherwise. These devices just aren’t working well with Switch following the latest update. We’ll keep an eye on the situation moving forward.

Thanks to Dana for the tip.


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