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To All Mankind: New gameplay details

Posted on March 14, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

Nippon Ichi has shared new information in regards to their upcoming adventure game To All Mankind.

Specifically, the developer addresses how the game is played, as well as giving a look at life for the characters in the setting of Akihabara.

The full translated details from Gematsu can be viewed below.

■ How to Play

Start off by investigating the streets of Akihabara. Confirm your target and familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny of this huge district.

—“I’m finally touring Akiba! I’m excited all of a sudden.”

To All of Mankind—“Next target! Let’s search for a tool to catch fish!”

To All of Mankind—“It’s rare to see you so enthusiastic, Isana-chan.”

—“I’m so happy I got to see Isana-chan all fired up!”

To All of Mankind

To All of MankindTech shops, arcades, book shops, maid cafes… As expected, there are many shops spread throughout Akihabara. As you make progress exploring, you may find tools that will come in handy.

—“It’s a shovel! We can use this to plow fields and dig dirt.”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“With that, Kazumi is even stronger!”

—“Kazumin would be well equipped with the shovel.”

—“Kazumi with a shovel! It sounds like the title of an anime!”

—“Doesn’t ‘Kazumi’s Shovel’ sound more like a title?”

—“What the heck are you talking about?!”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind
To All of MankindYou can combine things to use even when you aren’t sure what to do with them, as they might come in handy at another place or time. Looking at tools you’ve used one way from a different perspective, you may discover a new use for them.

—“That high spot out of reach. I’ll need a tool that can reach up high.”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“Something like pruning shears?”

—“But I haven’t seen anything like that.”

—“We have this though, let’s try using it like this!”

To All of Mankind

To All of MankindYou’ll have to stock up on ingredients in order to make delicious meals. There is seafood and vegetation, you may occasionally have to wonder if what you find is editable. Let’s make sure we use caution checking out the available ingredients.

—“I’ll just hold on to this until I have way to remove the poison from the shellfish.”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“The thought of getting food poisoning in a place like this will keep me up at night.”

—“But if it’s a virus we can treat with heat.”

—“No way, we’ll try again when we find a way to deal with it.”

To All of Mankind

To All of MankindYou can’t fight on an empty stomach! If you work hard at fishing, trapping, hunting, and snaring, you’ll be able to obtain meat and fish. Once you’ve got your hands on some, could you make a genuine meal?

—“I wanted to tweak the flavor a bit more, but it’s been so long since I cooked meat…”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“Aw man, meat really feels like a treat, huh?”

—“Yeah, I feel so energized!”

To All of MankindThe girls have varied personalities, from having confidence in their physical strength to having confidence in their smarts, having a fear of insects, or liking sweets. Let’s check their profiles on the status screen to ensure everyone cooperates and has fun living together.

—“I want to stay beautiful and healthy, and soak away my tiredness in the tub.”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“Is that really how you feel, Erina? That’s a bit of a surprise.”

—“You’re saying I look like a wild child that doesn’t care about her appearance.”

—“That’s not what I meant!”

To All of MankindIf you are hungry or let your fatigue carry over to the next day, it will lower the range and amount of time you can explore the city. Let’s aim to maintain a well-regulated survival life by eating well and resting up when you feel tired.

—“We went through the trouble of traveling together, yet… isn’t this lonely? I want us to sleep together!”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“Yeah, I want to discuss all sorts of things before we go to sleep.”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind■ Enjoy Life Together in Akihabara

—“You ready? I’m gonna start. One, two, and—.”

—“Three. It feels like we got something!”

—“We did! It’s only some small fish, but let’s pull them in!”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“I wanna take a shower.”

—“Oh, shall we shower together then?”

—“…eh?! Wha-wha-whaaa?!”


To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind—“Isana, you wanted to cheer me up, huh.”

—“Ah, Isana you really are kind!”

—“Eeek! Don’t hold me like that…!”

To All of Mankind

To All of Mankind

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