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NIS America has readied the latest trailer for Ys VIII on Switch focusing on main character Adol Christin. Get a look at the video below.

The European NIS America store has opened pre-orders for the Disgaea 1 Complete – Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition. In case you missed it, the package includes the following:

Closed Nightmare boxart

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Amazon Japan’s listing has updated with the boxart for Closed Nightmare. We have it above.

Nippon Ichi is publishing Closed Nightmare, a live-action horror adventure, in Japan on July 19.


Amazon now has a listing up for Disgaea 1 Complete. Along with the boxart pictured above, we have confirmation that the standard version will cost $49.99.

You can pre-order Disgaea 1 Complete on Amazon here.

It was recently announced that the first Disgaea is receiving a remake. The game, known as Disgaea Refine in Japan, is now confirmed for the west as Disgaea 1 Complete.

A listing on NIS America’s store confirms Disgaea 1 Complete’s localization. It’ll be available this fall, and a special “Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition” will be offered to fans.

The package includes the following:

Nippon Ichi published the first screenshots from Disgaea Refine, its HD remake of the first entry in the series. We have the images below.

NIS America has revealed another bonus for the Switch version of Ys VIII. All copies will include Adol’s Silver Armor costume, a special outfit from the very first game in the series – Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished.

Note that the costume will be packed into each game. An extra download will not be necessary.

New Ys VIII Switch footage

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NIS America has passed along some brand new footage from Ys VIII on Switch. Between the videos below, we have over 15 minutes of gameplay.

Awhile back, Nippon Ichi announced a remake of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Word out of the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation is that it’s coming to Switch as Disgaea Refine.

Disgaea Refine launches in Japan on July 26. Fans will be able to purchase a limited edition with the game, soundtrack, daily desktop calendar, and special box for 9,200 yen.

We should have more information about Disgaea Refine, especially when Dengeki PlayStation releases officially tomorrow.

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Ys VIII details bonus DLC on Switch

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NIS America has revealed new information about the upcoming release of Ys VIII on Switch. Bonus DLC, which was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, will be included regardless of whether you buy the action RPG physically or digitally, with no extra download or purchase necessary.

The items below will be offered to all players:

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