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ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove update coming soon (version 1.6.1)

Posted on April 5, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Humanature Studios has announced that it is preparing another new update for ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Version 1.6.1 will include fixes, adjustments, a couple of new features, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Updated Unity (2017.4.16f1)

Updated German dialogue

Santa won’t drop locked stuff now

Santa always acts surprised when caught

Spring Shoes only disable when actually near Elevators

Ledge jumping now works correctly for all kinds of edges with Hitops

Remove Swap Bodies present from Online games

Prevent Big Sneeze from moving some earthlings like Sharks and Dolphins out of water

Big Sneeze knocks back presents, money and food now as well

Sneezed presents and food that go into the water will poof away

Dropping a present on water makes it poof away

Football player stops attacking if he hits an Earthling along the way

Added XP for popping humans. XP rewarded depends on the enemy type. No XP rewarded for popping Friendly Earthlings

Allow shooting/throwing tomatoes from an innertube in water

Adjust present timer to show when multiple presents are running

Amped Present Freeze now makes players fall out of sky when used in air

Enable present menu when wearing rocket skates

Fix Duplicate Present from duplicating itself

Removed ‘level cap’ on presents in all modes. This means you can find ALL presents from the beginning of the game. We originally had some of the better/more evil presents (Icarus Wings, Total Bummer, Promotion, etc) only available after you reach a certain level.

New Feature: These presents can run simultaneously now:

Armored/Innertube, Tomatoes, Slingshot, Spring Shoes, Icarus Wings, Mean/Rocket Skates, Rose Bushes, Hi-Tops, Timed Teleport, Invisibility Paint, Big Sneeze, Earthling Disguise, Flashlight, Torch, Funk Fu Blast, Gassy Tummy, Present Freeze, Burnin Up, Rootbeer, Protection Bubble, Here I Am

New Feature: Added new synergies when certain presents are used together:

Innertube + Spring Shoes = hop on water!

Tomatoes/Slingshot + Funk-Fu Blast = tomato blast!

Tomato Rain + Funk-Fu Blast = tomato downpour!

Added 3 new HIDDEN synergies:

Hidden Synergies are present combinations that when used the correct way will provide new effects.

????? + ????? + ????? = KABOOM!

????? + ????? = FUNKZILLA!

????? + ????? (On Ice Levels Only) = X-MAS TIME!

Find the hidden synergies and reach out to us when you do! We may have a special surprise for you!

It’s unclear when exactly ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove will be getting this new update on Switch. However, in the meantime, there will be “a quick Switch hotfix that addresses some of the crashing issues players are facing when trying to join an online game.”


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