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ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove version 1.4.0 to add support for 3-4 players, balance updates

Posted on May 7, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

New information on ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove’s next patch has been provided. Along with support for 3-4-player local multiplayer, a bunch of balance updates are planned.

Here’s the full rundown from the team:

So now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: version 1.4.0. Well what exactly is it? OUT WITH IT!! Fine, we will tell you, stop poking us with that stick. Version 1.4.0 is shaping up to be the definitive Back in the Groove experience, especially for console players. With this update we will be introducing 3-4 player local play on all versions of the game. They said it couldn’t be done, but just like getting split screen to work with the original ToeJam & Earl, we were determined to make it happen.

In order to get this to work we unfortunately had to limit the amount of distance between players if they fall a level. The game will now only allow players to fall 3 levels apart from other players in multiplayer. If you jump off that third level you will be transported back to the start of it, meaning players who would rather jump than take a hit still have that option. And if you guys find a present that will help you get to Level 0 you can both jump down together to visit the secret area.

1.4.0 Balance Updates

1.4.0 also comes with a ton of balance changes. We’ve been hearing that a lot of our veteran players find the game too easy if they use all the new mechanics to their intended effect. There are a ton of changes coming and most of these are in mind of making the game a little more difficult without making it too difficult for our casual players.

First up is Present changes. We are changing all Amped ‘Show X’ presents to be ‘Jump To’ presents instead of staying in your inventory. This means that instead of Amped ‘Show Wiseman’ giving you two uses, the Amped version will ‘jump you’ directly to the Wiseman. This applies to ‘Show Elevator’ as well and we have changed ‘Jump To Ship Piece’ to ‘Show Ship Piece’ with the Amped version being the current ‘Jump To Ship Piece’ present. Amped ‘Show Hidden Paths’ will reveal the Hidden Paths and reward you with an XP Boost based on our Present Skill stat. We are making these changes because players would keep the ‘Show X’ presents in their inventory the entire run hoping it would become Amped-This-Level so they could use it throughout their run infinitely. These changes will hopefully make the presents more unique and balance out the unintended behaviors they were providing.

We are also reducing the time you have ‘Icarus Wings’ for by 10 seconds in regular and Amped versions and a slight move speed decrease only on the Amped. We have been hearing from players that this present makes it too easy to clear multiple levels without touching the ground. The regular version of ‘Icarus Wings’ is now intended to get you out of sticky situations and clear gaps if you get stranded on an island. The Amped version is now intended to be the present you use if you want to clear out a level or two.

Another change regarding ‘Icarus Wings’ is that Backer Islands will no longer always have free Icarus Wings on them, they will have a random mobility present such as Hi-Tops, Spring Shoes, Rocket Skates, Timed Teleport, etc. This change is to make it so players don’t just land on the island to collect the free wings then safely fly through the rest of the game. The present was only there in order to help get you off the island when you visit the Backer. But hopefully these new presents will help you out.

We know the Football Player has been the cause of numerous frustrating deaths. This Earthling will now do a reduced damage but knock you really far to make him more unique and less frustrating to deal with.

These are just a few of the balance changes we have coming up and we have many more we are excited to share with you. We will be closely monitoring these changes and eager to hear any feedback you may have.


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