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Top 5 reasons why you should buy a DSi

Posted on April 9, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, Features

The DSi launched late last year in Japan and now other territories have had a chance to get their hands on the system. Not everyone is a complete fan of the handheld, though. Those struggling with the decision to make a purchase are probably considering what makes the system a must-buy. Well, here are our top 5 reasons.

Physical changes

It’s amazing to see how far the DS had advanced cosmetically. The DS Phat was a monster of a system – It was bulky, unstylish, and downright unattractive. The DSi continues to make improvements in terms of physical appearance with advances such as bigger screens. The system also weighs a little bit less than the DS Lite and comes with a slightly larger stylus. Other changes include a relocation of the power button so that you don’t turn the system off accidentally and a matte finish so that fingerprints are less noticeable.


Built-in applications

Gimmicky or not, there are two built-in DSi applications that are well worth at least some of your time. The Nintendo DSi Camera allows you to take pictures, mess around with them, and later save them to an SD Card or the system’s internal memory. Upon booting up the system, you can also go straight into the Nintendo DSi Sound application to record and modify sounds and play music. Internet fanatics will be happy to know that the Opera browser will also be up for download at launch.

DSi Game Cards/DSi Enhanced Game Cards

Initially, it was assumed that the only exclusive titles the DSi would be receiving would come from DSiWare. At this year’s GDC, however, it was revealed that the system will soon be able to play DSi Game Cards and DSi Enhanced Game Cards. The DSi Game Cards can only be played on the DSi, while DSi Enhanced Game Cards will utilize specific features on the handheld to enhance gameplay (but can also be played on a DS Lite). Thus far, rumors have already surfaced that The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will make use of the DSi Camera to change the skin of Link’s train. Both types of cards are not yet available to developers, but you can be rest assured that a plethora of unique titles will make their way to the DSi in the near future.

Little things

Though not entirely important individually, when you take into account all of the little modifications that have been made to the DSi, it makes purchasing the system more difficult to resist. Take, for instance, the ability to swap game cards without having to power down the system. Both the DS Phat and DS Lite demand the user to shut the system down in order to exchange game cards, but this issue has been eliminated with the DSi. Don’t forget that the DSi also has SD Card support, internal memory, brightness switching in-game, improved Wi-Fi support, better speaker quality, and much more.



The DSi Shop is undeniably the most attractive feature that the DSi possesses. It’s the main selling point for consumers and it is intriguing enough to compel original DS owners to make an upgrade. Just knowing that you’ll be able to take a bunch of games with you on the go is great. Moreover, DSiWare could be home to some breakout hits, similar to how World of Goo had climbed the ladder of success on WiiWare. Not only will games be up for download, but short and simple applications will also be made available down the line. Titles such as WarioWare: Snapped! have already demonstrated the enormous potential the service has and it’s is only a sign of things to come.

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