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Turok 3 Remastered update out now (version 1.1.0), patch notes

Posted on February 17, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Turok 3 Remastered update 1.1.0

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered has received a new version 1.1.0 update on all platforms, including Switch.

A ton of different improvements and bug fixes are included. This includes various adjustments for different aspects of the shooter.

Here’s the full rundown:

Turok 3 Remastered update version 1.1.0 patch notes

– Increased Joshua’s movement speed to be the same as Joseph
– Raptor now starts with the Razor Wind and can use the Minigun and Napalm Cannon
– Increased Raptor Claws damage radius to be the same as the Tomahawk and Knife as well as damage the same surface types
– The player will no longer survive when a cutscene is active and the silo countdown sequence timer runs out
– Changed weapon ammo consumption for: Shredder from 2 to 3, Fireswarm from 5 to 4, Sniper from 1 to 5
– Fixed Minigun consuming more ammo than it should have
– Cerebral Bore crosshair now flashes when locked on to an enemy to match the original behaviour. Added a half second delay before the Burst/Possessor can be detonated
– Fixed Vampire Gun having infinite range. Increased speed of health drain. Fixed model animations
– PSG changes: New Shockwave effect. Slightly increased shot delay. Removed crosshair to match original. No longer kills all enemies in the level when it explodes
– You can no longer fire weapons if you don’t have the minimum amount of required ammo
– Fixed stuck arrows causing accumulated damage
– Fixed issue with FOV slider not displaying the correct value
– Credits screen now plays multiple music tracks
– Fixed some player collision issues
– corrected some english subtitles
– Fixed scope and night vision goggle inputs when playing at 30fps
– Fixed grapple projectile trails from getting really big when it connected to a grapple sphere when playing at 30fps
– Weapon Wheel can not be enabled while transitioning from or to a level
– Fixed water fog bug when possessed enemy dies under water
– Fixed bug with possessing an enemy while camera view is active
– Lava clogger in Alpha Fireborn level cannot be triggered until the boss appears
– Renamed Old Man to Otto as that was the name given to him found in an Acclaim design doc
– Night Vision and Weapon Scope are deactivated when a cinema starts
– Fixed horizontal alignment of boss health bar and psg parts in the status menu
– Extended Oblivions chest mouth collision box. Oblivion’s health is reduced to 1 when he enters his Regen state. Fixed bug that would cause a crash while fighting Oblivion
– Fixed Joshua from playing one of his death animations whenever he went idle. He will now randomly play one of his death animations when you defeat him
– Added menu option to change weapon on pickup
– Fixed a save bug when the player dies
– Fixed a bug where the game would not save after playing certain cinemas
– Any inventory items dropped from enemies will respawn if the player doesn’t have them and they re-enter the level
– Fixed up collision around the corners of the guard tower rooms in the level “The Military Base”
– Fixed a bug that would make the short ladder in the Boiler room of the level “Unexpected Help” hard to climb
– Fixes to climbable surfaces on the ladders in the levels “Staging Area”, “Power Outage”, and “Seal The Breach”
– Added lights in front of stopped subway car in “Power Outage”
– Fixed a geometry issue in “The Breach”. You could see the sky from inside the elevator
– Fixed minor geometry and collision issues in “To the Subway”
– The very slow moving platforms in “The Gauntlet” now move 40% faster, and the Death Gaurds in that section now lead their shots
– Changed the warhead disarmed levers surface type from flesh to metal
– Adjusted Oblivion Gunship intro and death animation positioning
– Enemies that had a 1 frame “shocked” animation now have proper animations when they get brain-drilled or electrocuted
– Corrected Joshua’s “scary” eyes in cinemas
– Fixed Dani’s upper body stuttering animation in the porch cinema
– Fixed Oblivion larva not reacting to “The Light” when it’s killed in the end game cinema
– Reduced collision size of the Oblivion spinny machine that was placed in the next room right after you defeat Oblivion
– The compys that could spawn infinitely on the ramp in “Generator Room” will now only spawn up to 6
– Fixed indoor/outdoor train sounds in the level “Train Ride”
– Increased the touch radius of the elevator button in the level “Rec Room”
– Added sound for the Magmite enemies when they attack or die
– Restored some missing grunt effects during Oblivion’s transformation cinema
– Fixed the ambience sound not playing during Dani and Joseph’s intro cinemas
– Fix for Alpha Fireborn falling out of the world
– Game is now saved after defeating Joshua and the save slot will now show an icon indicating you’ve completed the game
– Fixed incorrect health silhouette showing for a brief second at the start of a level
– ammo counter now slides up with the health display at the start of the level
– Fixed the door in the level “The Back Alleys” from not opening in Josephs path if you open it and re-enter the level
– The scared office civilian in the level “The Back Alleys” won’t run out until the player has entered the room
– Subway crash cinema will now save the players number of deaths
– Fixed sceptre face statue from showing the sceptre after it’s been collected and re-entering the “Temple of the Damned” level
– Lowered Opisthors Health to match the n64 during his first 4 phases. And the “Blocked” sign texture now animates
– Fixed Opisthor from attacking while the player was touching the button and he was starting to submerge
– Dead Ligatrixs’ will no longer spawn their gibs at the start of the level
– Fixed Magmites and Legionnaires not being able to enter or exit the lava water in levels such as the “Burning Passage”
– Fixed a bug that prevented enemies from seeing you across the water in the level “Temple of the Damned”
– Faded out lightning sfx transition much faster during Joshuas ending cinema so you can hear him saying “Hey, Sis…”
– The Warlord will now avoid the trap door and be able to attack the player if already standing in the trigger area when he appears
– The Warlords health is set to 1 when he enters his Regen state and his health bar is now displayed correctly when re-entering his area
– The elevator in the level “Seal The Breach” will now reach the bottom on it’s first cycle
– Increased warp point radius in levels “Power Outage”, “Hit The Lights”, and “Narrow Passage”
– When enemies become visible it now also checks if they’re in the players view before creating the spawn particle effect
– Corrected Scientist/Civilian low-resolution face models
– Modding: Loading models and RaxInfo through kpf files will now work correctly, and updated the assets.7z file
– Modding: Extended scripting features
– Level Editor: You can now change the UI Scale, better object selection options, able to insert light object, added tooltips, creating maps with new ids no longer require a restart

The Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remastered version 1.1.0 update is live on Switch now.


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