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UnderMine update out now (version 1.1.0), patch notes

Posted on April 11, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Undermine is now at version 1.1.0 on Switch, which is known as the “Royals” update. It includes the Contested Bog, Plunder King challenge, new enemies, new items and secrets, and more.

You can find the full patch notes for the new UnderMine update below.


The Contested Bog

A gate can now be found at the edge of the Shimmering Caverns. It is guarded by two familiar creatures, but they will only allow access when certain conditions are met. Beware! Even if you discover the conditions for entry, a huge challenge awaits. The Contested Bog is home to UnderMine’s most dangerous creatures.

Plunder King

Deep in the Contested Bog, the Plunder King hoards a pile of treasure in his trove. He has become corrupted by his greed, and the corruption spreads throughout the area. Defeat the Plunder King and claim his crown as your own.

Tus, Wandering Minstrel

Tus is a wandering bard that spreads mello vibes wherever he goes. Tip Tus some gold for his efforts. If he deems your tip generous enough you may receive a reward.

Seed Input

You can now check your randomizer seed from the main menu in the Hub. You’ll also be able to generate a new seed, or input one of your own. You can now play the same randomized dungeon layouts as other players using this menu. This feature can be used for Othermine as well by entering a seed after donning the crown, before entering the portal.

Boss Tracker

Once a summoning stone has been lifted, a boss tracker will appear on the pause menu. This tracker will show the status of each boss.

Poison as an Official Element

Poison has been added as an official element. Now items that interact with elemental damage will also interact with poison. For example, Gordon’s Tunic will reduce poison damage. Certain things will cover the ground in poison. If food touches this it will become poisoned itself, with adverse effects!

Blighted Barb

Poisoned rocks will appear in the UnderMine. Destroying these rocks will give the peasant a temporary poison buff similar to Crippling Poison.

Momentary Peril

You may find a mysterious orb in a start room. Interacting with this orb will give you a temporary curse called Momentary Peril. It sets your health to 1, and gives you a certain number of rooms to clear. If you can clear the rooms the curse will be removed and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Other Secrets

Many other secrets await in the Royals update, but we didn’t want to spoil them. Search every corner of the game to find them.

New Enemies
  • Greedy Pilfer
  • Corrupted Pilfer
  • Goblin Engineer
  • Goblin Scavenger
  • Noxious Goblin
  • Gremlin Harbinger
  • Bishop’s Fish
  • Rook’s Fish
  • Queen’s Fish
  • Bing Bong
  • Secretion Wurm
  • Quilled Golem
  • Bloatfly
  • Pontiff
  • Occultist
  • Hobble Doll
New Items:
  • Ostiophobia (Curse)
  • Dead Man’s Switch (Curse)
  • Hay Fever (Curse)
  • Shrapnel (Relic)
  • Heavy Boots (Relic)
  • M.E.G.A. Bomb (Relic)
  • Some-Potion (Potion)
  • Doppelbock (Potion)
  • Toadvine’s Tonic (Potion)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that would cause your Summoning Stone count to be wrong on the pause menu
  • Goldmine 1-3 no longer sometimes spawns Dungeon hidden rooms
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to drop your potions on the ground after being stabbed by the Gatekeeper
  • Ghost Pepper Sauce has been re-implemented to no longer quench itself with water and to behave better around Antimatter
  • Fixed some number clamping issues in the stats tooltips in the Journal
  • Fixed an issue causing bombs that Selt had eaten to double-explode
  • The Canary will no longer attempt to collect gold enemies
  • Bombushka and trapped chests spread their bombs more evenly, rather than always to the northeast
  • Fixed a minor issue in the Goldmine where water background elements would stop animating when coming back to a room
  • Fixed an issue causing waterfalls, goldfalls, and sandfalls to not spawn correctly
  • Fixed a problem with peasant animations that would cause the hit animation to stop displaying after dying
  • If Tent is disabled via Nullification, you will no longer get a tent in zone start rooms
  • Fixed some load-order issues around Dark Cloud and Nullification that would cause them to not work properly when reloading from a save file
  • Fixed a minor issue with Gargoyles that made them distinguishable to fake Gargoyle statues
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Cannon was not scaling damage on two of its projectiles when used in conjunction with Fork
  • Explorer’s Boots now won’t activate while you are standing on things that aren’t the ground
  • Fixed a bug in the Chaos Familiar’s wheel where the spin audio could get stuck looping if the wheel closed too early
  • Fixed a long-standing crash that could happen if you interact with a thing on the same frame as it’s destroyed
  • Fixed an incredible Metamorphim bug that would allow you to re-roll your Doll relic just as its last charge was consumed (thank you Priskip!)
  • Tightened up when and where the AI navigation mesh is rebuilt to prevent certain enemies from spawning or teleporting into inaccessible areas
  • Improved the logic that tracks the “Drop count” of an item for display in the Journal
  • Added in some more protection around bad data from hand-edited save files could cause crashes on startup.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause secret rooms connected to a hidden room (these are referred to as “secluded” rooms) to wind up on the wrong subfloor during floor layout regeneration and be visible on the minimap at the wrong time
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with the maximized minimap that would make it possible to see secret walls to the east
  • Thickened up the ground hitbox to prevent fast-falling entities from falling right through
Balance Changes
  • Gordon’s Tunic now reduces poison damage as well
  • Spinner traps now scale their damage based on the zone they are found in
  • Arrow traps now scale their damage based on the zone they are found in
  • Transmute machines in “gambling rooms” no longer add health to their cost when used
  • Slightly increased rat health in OM
  • Gremlins have had their AI tweaked and are now much more aggressive
  • Capture Sphere now adds 5 damage per enemy killed instead of 10
  • Galoshes and Helios boots now guard against poison on the ground
  • Added more fury to the Fury Potion
  • Mjolnir now creates its AOE at the target of the thrown pickaxe. Its cooldown has been removed and its damage decreased
  • Reduced the damage done by the Eidolon’s level 3 ability
Other Changes
  • Massive performance and memory optimizations across all areas of the game
  • The “Hobbled” status effect now has a visual associated with it. Being Hobbled dramatically slows your movement speed and prevents you from jumping
  • If your controller becomes disconnected, the pause menu will now open
  • Toxic Scales now deal poison damage
  • Other Scales now deal poison damage when paired with a Toxic Scale
  • Spiders now deal poison damage
  • Vile Pots now deal poison damage
  • Vile Pot damage is now the same whether they were spawned from a Drude or not
  • Caustic Vile now spawns a poison blast
  • Gordon’s Tunic no longer makes a sound when blocking elemental damage
  • Chests can now be trapped with poison (this does not increase the chance a chest is trapped)
  • Artifacts have been moved to a subtab of Items in the Journal
  • Wall gold in the Goldmines now has a halo like other wall gold
  • Wall gold in the Goldmines now uses normalized damage which means it will always take two attacks to mine
  • Wall gold and thorium in the Golden Core now uses triggers rather than colliders so that the peasant can’t bump into it
  • Controller vibration has been normalized and rescaled
  • Items that have been eaten by ItemEater now shatter when they hit the ground
  • Oil now uses a different rendering method (and looks better in our opinion)
  • Bass fly projectiles changed in color so that Bishop and Rook fish can fire projectiles of their color
  • Sequence Breaker has a new teleport effect in line with other warp effects in the game
  • Adjusted many FX emitters to work on unscaled time to prevent drawing on the opposite side of the room during transition
  • Vorpal Blade refacing timings have been improved to better match the visuals


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