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Waku Waku Doubutsu Land heading to Switch

Posted on May 7, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Waku Waku Doubutsu Land

Today, Nippon Columbia announced Waku Waku Doubutsu Land, a compilation of 30 different mini-games. It’s due out for Switch in Japan on July 26. Pricing is set at 4,444 yen.

Gematsu provides the following overview:

– Play Party Games with Friends and Family – With lots of popular animals, gameplay via intuitive Joy-Con controls, and rules that are easy to understand, even young children and video game novices can easily get into Waku Waku Doubutsu Land.
– Choose Between Three Modes Depending on Your Play Style – Waku Waku Doubutsu Land features three modes: Tour Mode, One Match Mode, and Single Mode. In Tour Mode, two players can play several mini-games while competing for coins. There are four courses with different play times and number of playable mini-games, and you can choose your favorite course according to the situation. One Match Mode lets you choose and play your favorite standalone mini-game, and Single Mode lets you aim for the high score on your own.
– Over 30 Games That Are Fun to Both Play and Watch – Comical action mini-games featuring pandas, penguins, kangaroos, and other popular zoo animals are not just fun for the player, even those watching can get involved and excited.
– Cute Puppets Explain the Rules and Controls – A talking puppet director and co-director are the facilitators of Waku Waku Doubutsu Land. They will explain course overviews, the rules of each mini-game, controls, and so on in a way that is easy to understand.

We have a trailer and a commercial for Waku Waku Doubutsu Land below.

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