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Warframe now supports cross platform play

Posted on December 2, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Warframe cross-platform play

Digital Extremes has announced that cross-platform play is now supported in Warframe. Users on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can now connect together for the first time.

The feature can be turned on and off in the options menu. If it’s enabled, a players’ platform icon will be displayed next to their name. They can chat, join Squads, and can expect expedited public matchmaking as other players across all platforms in the Origin System join in for the missions ahead. Additionally, players on all platforms can meet in Relays and Dojos, however, VoIP chat features will be added in the future and are currently unavailable.

Here’s some information about how players are identified moving forward:

To help identify players who have the same name across different platforms, each player has been assigned a numeric suffix. This suffix is only necessary when players are looking to invite someone into their squad or want to chat with other players who may have the same name. Players can find their suffix in their Profile from the game menu. Console players have an ability to include spaces in their Warframe alias. For PC players to Whisper (private message) to their friends on console with a space in their name, they must use apostrophes to capture their full name.

Sheldon Carter, chief operating officer at Digital Extremes, said of the announcement: “Warframe will always be a game best played and enjoyed with friends and that’s why launching Cross Platform Play is such an incredible moment for us. Together with our partners, we have broken down the walls that have prevented our players from experiencing the thrill of Warframe as one united community. Now, you can complete bounties and adventure across our open worlds or jump into new co-op Survival missions in our Lua’s Prey update with friends unrestricted by platform. Get ready for even more opportunities to make friends across the Origin System.”

Digital Extremes is also working on cross-platform save, which will be available in the future. More information will be shared through Warframe social channels and on Devstreams as development progresses.

Source: Digital Extremes PR

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