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Wii U eShop has delisted several games

Posted on February 20, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo has long moved on from Wii U, but the system’s eShop is still up and running. Unfortunately though, it looks like some games have been getting removed.

Most notable of the bunch is probably Super Meat Boy. Based on the Wayback Machine, January 25 was the last time the page was captured from Nintendo’s website. Now about a month later, there are no traces of the title. 

Nintendo Everything reader TruExtent informed us about Super Meat Boy’s removal as well as other games on his wishlist that have become unavailable to purchase. The lineup includes:

Chomp Chomp Party
Color Symphony 2
Dodge Club Party
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
Kick & Fennick
Regina & Mac
Replay: VHS is not dead
Shadow Puppeteer
Star Ghost
Temple of Yog
The Beggar’s Ride
The Bridge

We’ll also mention that on the 3DS side of things, it looks like Monster Shooter and Iron Combat: War in the Air are gone from the 3DS eShop. These don’t appear to be recent removals and may have already been gone for a year or two.

Speaking of 3DS, a slew of DSiWare games were deactivated on the eShop to start the year. They were brought back a few days later, so it was assumed that some sort of mistake was involved there. For Wii U, it’s unclear if any of the titles mentioned above will be restored. Having said that, if you purchased them previously, you should still be able to download them going forward.

Thanks to TruExtent for the tip.

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