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XEL update out now on Switch (version, patch notes

Posted on August 11, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

XEL update

A new update is here for XEL on Switch with the team having prepared version

After installing the patch, players will have access to a couple of new additions. A slew of bug fixes are included as well.

The full patch notes for XEL’s version update are as follows:


  • Added Controller Customization
  • Add Elder Dialogue Options before entering the final part of the game


  • Fixed button prompts
  • Fixed snacks get consumed twice
  • Fixed Shirl Shop UI issues
  • Fixed wrong quest marker after getting the shield
  • Fixed inconsistency with highlighting of options on using Minus and Plus buttons to open Inventory and Systems menu.
  • Fixed Screen Settings visuals
  • Fixed Minimap getting stuck
  • Fixed Crafting UI navigation issues (Keyboard)
  • Fixed: Graphic settings get selected incorrectly
  • Fixed: Title fails to save the Audio Settings after restarting the game.
  • Fixed: Exit Button in Menu not visible
  • Fixed: Snacks under Inventory shows No Data.
  • Fixed: Glacial Glades’ Door won’t open / can’t interact with terminal
  • Fixed: “Learn More” Button in News Post UI opens Discord-Link six times
  • Fixed: Upgrade Flowers glow even though they are already collected
  • Fixed: Paradox Apex clones despawn too late
  • Fixed: Desmond walks into unloaded area while the needle eye cutscene is playing
  • Fixed: Death in time travel zone
  • Fixed: Black screen on loading
  • Fixed collider issue in Area 05
  • Fixed skipping Item near Divide
  • Fixed collider issue in Dungeon 02
  • Fixed controls work when the game runs in background
  • Fixed Desmond’s name is shown as “???” in Needle Eye after his name has been revealed
  • Fixed missing collision in Bog
  • Fixed getting hit by the Overseer’s teleport-laser in paradox fight disables the map
  • Fixed collider issue in Xelot Hideout
  • Fixed white stamina bar
  • Fixed Campsite not being implemented properly
  • Fixed: NPC Riff Raff without sound
  • Fixed: Desmond appears too early in the Elder Dialogue after returning from the Science Station
  • Fixed: Paradox Apex creates clones while being stunned
  • Fixed extra stamina for picking up a second stamina upgrade
  • Fixed overlapping Terminals in Science Station
  • Fixed some missing VOs on NPCs
  • Fixed Jump-Yeet in The Wilds
  • Fixed zap-traps (and flamethrower) get regenerated way too quickly, and unlimited use
  • Fixed Speed Gum Effect slows down player when it runs out
  • Fixed: Infected Soldiers in Science Station can talk now.
  • Fixed: Entering the Xelot Base from the alternate route plays the wrong music
  • Fixed: Two highlighters are observed while loading an old save in the Load/Save menu of the game.
  • Fixed: Chest is unreachable in past
  • Fixed: Upgraded Snare has no Icon and multiple Items selected
  • Fixed: Golden chip visually wrong
  • Fixed: Max hearts are clipping into other UI
  • Fixed: Warden is named Warden in German
  • Fixed German name for Apex predator
  • Fixed the crate in the roots in The Wilds
  • Fixed: Not all stamina upgrades got saved
  • Fixes lots of small sound issues
  • Fixed lots of additional collision/clipping issues.
  • Various “getting stuck” or “falling through map” fixes.
  • Many Loca Tweaks and Fixes, too many to list here in detail.
  • Audio Settings fixed.
  • Resolution and Quality Settings improved.
  • Removed Freeze Frames on Hit/finishing of enemies.
  • More Key Items correctly displayed in inventory.
  • Minor Map and UI Fixes.
  • Sound Improvements.

All players on Switch can download the update for XEL now.


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