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Yo-kai Watch 4 – new info on the yo-kai world, watch users, befriending system, and more

Posted on April 15, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

As part of the lead up to Yo-Kai Watch 4, developer Level-5 has put out even more info on the yo-kai world confirmed for the game — as well as details on playable characters, the yo-kai befriending system, and some new yo-kai.

Thanks to Gematsu, a translation of the information is now available and can be viewed below.

■ 01. First Look at “Yo-makai,” The Yo-kai World

Yo-makai, where the yo-kai live, is the fourth world that Keita and company can adventure to in Yo-kai Watch 4. Players will be able to walk the wonderful and dazzling city streets that appeared in Yo-kai Watch the Movie: Forever Friends.

Yo-kai Watch 4■ 02. Six Watch Users

While it has previously been confirmed that Keita and Touma can participate in battle, now it can be confirmed that a total of six characters will be able to participate in battle as Watchers. Keita, Fumi-chan, Natsume, Touma, Akinori, and Shin can fight alongside the yo-kai. Each character seems to have their own special abilities…

Yo-kai Watch 4■ 03. Befriend Yo-kai with the Konkatsu

Yo-kai Watch 4 uses an all-new system for befriending yo-kai called “Konkatsu” (Soulmatching). Konsaru is a mysterious yo-kai that will introduce you to yo-kai you can befriend, but… there seem to be various conditions that must be met in order to be introduced. Look forward to more information about this system in a future update.

Yo-kai Watch 4

Yo-kai Watch 4■ 04. New Yo-kai

Here we will introduce more of the new yo-kai that appear in Yo-kai Watch 4.

Gomendako (Keita’s World)

Yo-kai Watch 4A yo-kai that possesses people who apologize even when they did nothing wrong.

Fuukun (Lightside) / Fuujin (Shadowside) (Natsume’s World)

Yo-kai Watch 4

Yo-kai Watch 4A mischievous yo-kai full of curiosity who is always looking for someone to play with.

Raichan (Lightside) / Raijin (Shadowside) (Natsume’s World)

Yo-kai Watch 4

Yo-kai Watch 4This yo-kai usually conserves its energy, but unleashes its thunder when it gets angry.

Narukama (Shin’s World)

Yo-kai Watch 4A gratuitous yo-kai who is said to forecast good omens when it bangs the pot on its head.

■ 05. Toy Connectivity

If you have a Yo-kai Ark or Yo-seiken, special things will occur in the game. The effect varies depending on the Ark:

Standard Ark

Obtain a key for use in the game. It might be something good depending on the rarity.

Yo-kai Watch 4Special Color Ark

By collecting several, you can obtain special items in the game.

Yo-kai Watch 4Miracle Ark

Obtain a key that triggers something miraculous in the game.

Yo-kai Watch 4Yo-seiken / Ultimate Rare Ark

Battle a Kenbumajin.

Yo-kai Watch 4Jibanyans & Nekomata Crystal Arks

The game can also be linked with the “Jibanyans & Nekomata Crystal Yo-kai Arks” included with the physical edition of Yo-kai Watch 4 (while supplies last). By having the game read the Arks, you can obtain the exclusive, Jibyans-themed weapon, “Triple Nyanckle.”

Yo-kai Watch 4

Yo-kai Watch 4
Yo-kai Watch 4


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