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Youkai Watch details

Posted on October 17, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

We finally have details on Youkai Watch, Level-5’s new project for the 3DS. There is information below about the story, characters, and gameplay elements.

– Keeta is the game’s main character
– He’s in fifth grade
– 11 years-old
– Despite his back luck, Keeta has a positive personality
– Whisper (white ghost) appears from a Gatcha Ball
– Whisper teaches you about the Youkai world
– Kuma, Kanchi, and Fumi are Keeta’s classmates
– Takes place in Sakuranyu Town
– Cat Youkai is Jibanyan
– Blue kappa is Nogappa
– Snake is Tsuchinoko
– Cone head is Himojii
– Old woman is Bakurobaa
– Ball is Katanorkouzo
– Slime is Donyoriinu
– Mosquitto is Negatibuun
– Mouth dude is Kuiijii
– Blue cat is Komasan
– Demon is Michibiki
– Bird is Yokodori
– Use the watch to “watch” for youkai in certain locations
– An aura will appear, then the youkai itself
– Once you find a youkai they will ask you to do a quest to help them
– Clear the quest and they may become your friend
– Fight other youkai using your friend youkai
– Sometimes, when defeated, the opponents will join you
– Each youkai has its own individual features in battle


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