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Your Four Knight Princess Training Story details / screenshots cover the protagonist

Posted on January 18, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nippon Ichi has prepared a new round of details and screenshots for Your Four Knight Princess Training Story. The latest batch of content covers the protagonist, including his occupation, abilities, and customization options.

We’ve rounded up all of the news about Your Four Knight Princess Training Story below. The latest translations come courtesy of Gematsu.

Instructor Knight

– Occupation of the protagonist
– This is a freelance educationalist who receives requests to instruct others
– As a teacher, he or she imparts knowledge and performs battle practice, and sometimes fights as a knight for his or her client
– Since the protagonist is the player’s avatar, he or she does not speak
– Based on the indirect reactions of the people around him or her, you can be certain that the protagonist is a one of a kind character
– The ability to fight as a knight, as well as instruct, is essential to being an Instructor Knight
– Instructor Knights often travel around various countries
– The protagonist is writing a guidebook and manual based off his or her experiences

Character Creation

– Can be male or female
– Can freely customize voice, personality


– Choose a voice to use during actions
– Six types of voices for both males and females
– Options are “Passionate,” “Cool,” “Villainy,” “Eccentric,” “Shy,” and “No Voice”
– Male Protagonist voice actors: Kengo Kawanishi (all voice types)
– Female Protagonist actors: Risa Kubota (Passionate), Mitsuki Nakae (Cool), Nanako Mori (Villainy), Tomomi Mizuma (Eccentric), Minami Iinuma (Shy)


– Four types of personalities
– These include “Dilligent / Honest,” “Intellectual / Shy,” “Rugged / Wild,” and “Extremely Perverted”
– Depending on the personality you choose, the princess’ reactions will change at various places in the scenario
– Since there are no major changes in the progress of the story based on your personality and gender, you can choose whatever you prefer to role-play

Face Graphic

– Nine graphics for each gender with differences in age and type

Battle Style

– Protagonist uses a one-handed sword
– The protagonist possesses high all-purpose attack means, and is notably balanced in offense and defense
– Standard attack’s range is narrow, but enables players to easily use quick consecutive attacks
– Special move can be used that attacks every direction
– Although there is a limit to how many times it can be used, its power is tremendous

The Protagonist’s Growth

– By repeatedly giving the four princesses “Direct Guidance,” you will obtain items called “Knowledge Materia”
– Use this to extend the princesses’ parameters
– When using these items, the protagonist will also receive “Skill Points”
– The skill points you obtain can be used to increase basic stats like HP and attack power, as well as strengthen attack actions
– A growth system where you develop the princesses and protagonist side by side is one of the key features of this game

Guidance Diary

– Read the “Guidance Diary” from the menu screen
– The Guidance Diary is gradually filled out by progressing the game and when the princess’ parameters reach certain values
– Its contents consist of stories surrounding the Relic Islands, information on the princesses, and knowledge useful for clearing stages


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