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Zelda: Skyward Sword details

Posted on October 24, 2011 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

– Doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many of each item you can carry
– You’ll get a bunch of bees every time you knock down a hive
– Tingle isn’t in the game
– On the overworld: “There are three unconnected chunks of Hyrule that you access from the Sky Realm by flying through one of the three portals in the clouds – Eldin Volcano, Faron Woods and the desert area seen in trailers. These portals are marked by pillars of light, which you can see on our cover. The only way to travel from one part of Hyrule to another is to return to the sky.”
– Only have to re-sync the Wii Remote if it turns off; otherwise use the d-pad to re-center the cursor
– Can complete the entire game without upgrading an item or potion
– All of the NPCs in Skyloft are named characters and most have their own house on the island
– Many NPCs on Skyloft and other areas will offer tasks and reward you with gratitude points
– Use gratitude points on another, larger side-quest
– Game has humorous moments and in-jokes for fans of Zelda
– More linear dungeons means less backtracking
– Dungeons aren’t straightforward/basic, however
– Dungeon map comes with the locations of chests already on there (as previously reported, there is no compass)
– Wind Waker’s Great Sea is larger than the sky overworld Skyward Sword has Hyrule
– You’ll visit the Silent Realm a handful of times, and not for very long
– 18 collectible orbs in the Silent Realm sections
– Each orb gives you 90 seconds of immunity to the great guardians
– You should collect the orbs in the correct order so that you remain immune throughout the section
– There aren’t many enemies/aerial battles in the sky overworld
– You’ll pick up a bunch of stuff and revisit Skyloft often that usually you can upgrade something you have
– Upgrade system is straightforward: take your stuff to the smith and if you have the materials and rupees, push a button to upgrade
– The dark-skinned blonde woman is “a very important character, and one you might remember from another Zelda game”


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