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2DS screen repair costs more than $65

Posted on October 20, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

You could argue that it’d be tougher to break a 2DS than a 3DS or 3DS XL. After all, unlike its counterparts, Nintendo’s latest handheld iteration lacks a hinge.

Still, the 2DS’ screens are a bit vulnerable. There is no clamshell design, so they’re always exposed.

Let’s say you were to break the system’s screens. How much would a fix cost?

One unlucky girl recently found her system destroyed after dropping it down a flight of concrete stairs, causing the screens to break entirely. Nintendo offered to provide a fix for $65 (not to mention a shipping and handling fee).

So remember: be extra careful with the 2DS… or you may end up having to pay of the system’s cost for Nintendo to fix/replace the screens!


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  • Mark

    That is just reality. Repair and parts always cost more than (half) the whole (product/system). I work in the music industry, and a wireless system (a cheap one) can cost you $200. A replacement mic for the system, around $120. Take care of your stuff, and you won’t have any issues. Get a case and a screen protector. Sorry to the girl, but dropping it down concrete stairs is not Nintendo’s fault.

  • Nocturne

    best thing is to find someone that can repair it for less

    people sit on ebay all day looking to buy broken computers game systems etc for cheap so they can fix them and profit

  • “tartine-esque portable”

    Oh g-d I remember why I stopped reading destructoid. Thank you for being so awesome, nintendo everything dot com!

  • LordDisco

    I think technically the 2DS is one screen, so if you broke one, you broke the whole thing. Hence the expensive cost.

    Also, the PSP and the Vita screens are also exposed, and most people don’t haven’t had problems with screens breaking. The clam shell is nice, of course, but the clam shell design allows for more protection without a case. Otherwise, you definitely should be using a case for handhelds with exposed screens.

  • opikal

    Should get a squaretrade warranty any time you buy a new portable console. I have used it with my cameras and they are really good. You can get a 3 year accident plan for about $30 for a 3DSxl if you subscribe to their email list and use a 30% off coupon. 2DS would cost about $22 for 3 years. It really works, I broke a camera, they emailed me a pre paid shipping label to print, I mailed it, got a refund for the amount the camera was worth all in the same week (refund was next day after I mailed it).

  • Beverly Shitposter

    As of the release of the Switch, the 2DS costs $80, making the repair costs not worth it.