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A closer look at Switch, including buttons and possible USB-C connection

Posted on December 8, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Nintendo surprised many of us last night by showing off Switch during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Zelda: Breath of the Wild took the spotlight, but we were also able to have another look at the Switch unit. IGN captured a few screengrabs and reported on its findings.

The first image features the back of the Switch. When you dive in further and look at it more closely, it appears to have buttons for power, syncing controllers, and Joy-Con release buttons. IGN also speculates that we’ve been given a look at a USB-C or a proprietary port made by Nintendo, as pictured below. The USB-C connection is something that’s been thrown around as a possibility quite a bit over the past few days.



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  • LinkJr

    Actually I believe the “power” button is actually a Volume (sound) button, and the “sync” button is actually the Power button. Sync must actually be hidden in the kickstand or something

    • なし

      This. Also, why would the console itself need a sync button? It will probably be like the Wii U gamepad where sync options are in a Home menu section, and then you press a button combo (if not dedicated sync button) on just the controllers.

      • Emmacbrown

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      • Gemmol Lewis

        It’s there for when its docked and you want to sync a controller, the Wii U have sync button on the system too

    • Fernando Andres

      i think it says “VOLUME” under the button, so i gues you are right.

      Sorry for my bab english https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7989b2559e8fd349b31b707a9465f2338c1b64d503e046755fef1baf0d8c2760.png

  • Blanco8x8

    Do those ZL/ZR buttons on the Joy-Cons look analog to you?

    • Almost. They sort of resemble that of a ps4 trigger. If they are analog they look very short, which I think is good because I feel there is actually very little practical use to analog triggers. But they also look like it could just press in sort of like the B button trigger on the wiimote.

      • R.Z.

        Yeah, analog triggers can be double edged. For games that really use them the “longer” the better but for games that don’t they just feel awkward.
        It could be a good compromise to have “short” analogs.

        But I really hope they actually are analog triggers, it would really suck otherwise, though there’s still the possibility for alternative joycons later on, but I don’t think such complications would be good for Nintendo..

        • Fernando Andres

          maybe analogs like NGC controller, whith analog and button at the end

    • Tetroy64

      Nope. They cannot be analog triggers as they can barely be pressed down. This would also confirm from a past statement by Shigeru Miyamoto that the next Fzero game would only be made if the right controller with analog control is made. This confirms no Fzero this generation either if there is no analog. I hope this is just a prototype that excludes features like analog control

      • Burning Gravity

        That would be unfortunate

        And I get the feeling that about a month away from the big reveal, they can’t still be working with prototypes. Would make things odd/difficult at this late stage, IMO. Could be wrong tho

      • Jack Red

        Reggie himself said that’s the final product, not a prototype.

        • maxleresistant

          it is the final product, but it will always look like a prototype to me.
          It has an unfinished look, that’s what we get when a console is not shown long before launch and Nintendo doesn’t get feedback from people.
          Take for example the WiiU gamepad and how it changed between 2011 and 2012 because the press complained about some stuffs.

          • Jack Red

            The only noticeable difference between the 2011 version and the version we got is replacing the 3DS-styled circle pads with the two control sticks.

      • maxleresistant

        Let me introduce you to analog buttons, something that was on the PS3’s dualshock.
        Even shorter than the Switch triggers, but still analog.

        I’m not saying the switch triggers will be analog, but, they can. If Nintendo do the smart thing, but that’s always a risky bet with Nintendo.

      • Gemmol Lewis

        Look how low ps3 buttons were and you would change your answer, plus if gamecube coming then it will have analog, the Wii U was suppose to get GameCube games but no analog stop it

    • maxleresistant

      could be, the PS3 trigger are as short and they are analog

  • Kenshin0011

    The handheld mode of Switch still looks a bit uncomfortable to hold.

    The flat back joy-cons seem like a step back from the hand-molding grooves of the WiiU Gamepad.

    That paired with the right analogue trigger being lower than the left has me thinking this will be awkward to operate over an extended play session.

    • Guymelef

      I think this is a compromise with the Switch being a mobile/handheld and a home console device. It may look uncomfortable but at least it has grips somehow; compared to say a 3DS and/or a tablet, this will be more comfortable.

    • R.Z.

      And I’m not even sure the joycons by themselves will be comfortable at all given their flat backs.

      • Linkchu

        I think it would be just as comfortable as holing a smartphone tbh.