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American programmer lives out his decade-old dream working on Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Posted on March 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

A decade ago, Corey Bunnell made a post on TranslatorsCafe about spending a good portion of his senior year in high school as an exchange student. He was able to live in Japan, and it sounds like it was a great experience. He later wrote about how his “dream is to live in Japan and work for Nintendo as a game designer.”

Fast-forward to 2017. Nintendo just shipped The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earlier this month. Towards the beginning of the game’s credits, almost every name is Japanese… except for one. In the “Wildlife Programming” section, one English name can be seen. Yup, it’s “Corey Bunnell”.

First, here’s a look at Bunnell’s post from 2007:

And the same name in Breath of the Wild’s credits:

These two Coreys have to be one in the same, right?

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  • ChromXsome

    I just extra signed in again to write a comment.

    I’ve been studying Japanese since April 2016 and I’ve come a long way. This July I will take the JLPT 2 exam (second highest) and also the entrance exam for the HAL University in where I will study Gamedesign.

    I’m not sure yet at which company I’d like to work, but Nintendo is definetely in my Top 3! With Platinum Games and also Square Enix. If Nintendo, then I as well wish to work on a Zelda game in the future.

    I am REALLY happy for this guy who could actually fulfill his dream. I shall follow his steps.

    • RJ Morelli Zeller

      Get the hell out of game design. Learn to program. You’ll be far more useful as a game developer.Trust me game design degrees are a trap!

      • Milagroddavis

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    • Will J Hindle

      ….and I wanted to play football for Man Utd

  • Dayph

    Beautiful story. Japanese student here too (I’ve already finished the studies, although just for fun, never had high expectations).

    My best wishes, ChromXsome. I’m sure you’ll get it. 🙂

  • MoYeung

    There are many Japanese international students in USA/Canada, but you don’t see any one of them work for US game companies. (you need ENGLISH to be perfect here)

    • Ryan Butler

      None of that is even slightly true. Try again.

      • MoYeung

        You are caught. Get over it!

  • Justin McQuillen

    ayy lmao. that means the fact i can ride a bear is due to an american guy, who knew?

  • Adrian Brown

    I want to marry a top model.

    *Refer to this in 10 years*

  • Fandangle

    Now if only the English translation team worked half as hard as he did. instead we get the treehouse. thanks noa.

    • Hidden Flare

      What did they do wrong?

      • Fandangle

        The voice acting is completely and utterly abysmal. There are inconsistencies between the voiced cutscenes and the dialogue, the dialect is all over the place, and I’ve run into more than a few instances of poorly translated lines and hints throughout the game. The only time I’ve actually felt the game was actually worth reading/listening to was the Koroks. The way they talked and acted through speech fit them incredibly well and IMO were the highlight of a game filled with incredibly boring characters with forgettable dialogue.

        I mostly just ignored most the secondary dialogue throughout the game because between Yunobo’s weird verbal tic that he only has in the dialogue, the Gerudo’s accents that mysteriously disappear in voiced cutscenes, Daruk’s VA speeding through his lines because the treehouse are completely and totally incapable of doing anything competent and extending the scene cues, the utter blandness that Zelda’s VA puts into all of her lines, and the King who sounds like Wil Wheaton doing his best abe lincoln impression again, the Deku Tree which sounds just as bad, and then Impa who sounds like a 20 year old chick putting on her best old lady impression.

        Honestly, I loved the game, but only the gameplay part of it and even then the framerate nearly killed it (played the digital WiiU edition). The story was utterly ruined by the translation and by the end of the game I was just underwhelmed. I couldn’t relate to any of the characters and the ones I could were one off characters like the lone Rito character who you talk to for all but 5 minutes before running off and killing the divine beast.

        I want to say it was as bad as their other outings, but honestly, this is probably leaps and bounds better than the other two recent treehouse games. I just started playing XCX and the english translation was actually worse than I expected (So many spelling errors all over the place and not to mention the memes, then there is the changed dialogue and the censorship) and Fates (I don’t need to say anything on this one). Both were far worse, I don’t know whether it’s because they had more dialogue or were more story heavy, but either way, it’s just convinced me even more than NoA needs to be taken out back and put down like a lame horse.

        • MagcargoMan

          “The voice acting is completely and utterly abysmal”
          So it matches the Japanese version?

        • Hidden Flare

          I honestly don’t feel that way towards the game, its likely that ‘m very meh on some voice acting in general, you have to really be bad to bother me that much. I don’t really look into the Japanese dialog for the game, maybe when I feel more doneI’ll look into it but for now I feel its doing an alright job so far. We can at least agree on the little leaf guys. But honestly I think we may have to agree to disagree for now.

  • sexnando

    Cool :3

    He has only three post on that forum and all are on the same topic. Internet is a wonderful thing.

  • MagcargoMan

    This is pretty cool. I’m happy for him.

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