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Animal Crossing Direct announced for Tuesday / Wednesday, mobile game to be revealed

Posted on October 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

Update: Same Animal Crossing Direct confirmed for the west. 15 minutes long. The North American Nintendo Direct page is here. The PAL broadcast is also being held later, so we’ve updated the times below to reflect that.

Original: A new Animal Crossing Direct will be held this Wednesday in Japan, Nintendo has revealed. The presentation is being held specifically to reveal the new mobile game. News about Switch and 3DS will not be included.

The new Nintendo Direct will be held on October 25 at 12 PM Japan time. That translates to the following:

– 8 PM PT (October 24)
– 11 PM ET (October 24)
– 7 AM in the UK (European broadcast) (October 25)
– 8 AM in Europe (European broadcast) (October 25)


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  • Locky Mavo

    Fingers crossed for at least a mention of a Switch AC game in development.

    • Stuart

      “News about Switch and 3DS will not be included.”

      Unfortunatelly will be only about the mobile game.

      • TheGoomba

        They always say “news about x will not be shown,” sometimes they do anyway.

        • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

          They usually say something like: “Mainly focused on ____”.
          Here they’re not saying “mainly focused on the mobile game”, they’re saying it’s straight up only focused on the mobile game, not on Switch and 3DS. Keep your expectations low.

        • Stuart

          Sometimes, but I would not put my finger into it, it only leads to disapointment. Most of the times they keep with their “promise”.

          • Advance*

            I just think if there was a possibility of Switch news, they wouldn’t specifically say otherwise. They don’t want people expecting it only to end up disappointed.

    • Barely Able

      I could see them saying certain featires will integrate with future titles, but that’s about it.

    • lina inverse

      hmm well since Nintendo titled this “mobile direct” they will probably not show AC for Switch and it’s only 15mins… tho I could see them announcing that they started work on a AC Switch game at the very end of the direct but will show no gameplay.

    • chancetime

      This is an Animal Crossing Mobile direct, the other was a general Fire Emblem event that showed off Echoes + Warriors as well. Likely not happening

  • wytxus

    I need to get a Japanese Apple ID right now

  • MusubiKazesaru

    I’m not big on Animal Crossing so I hope this isn’t the last Direct we’ll get this year.

  • Carlos

    As soon as I saw Animal Crossing direct I got super excited. Then I saw it’s mobile only and now I’m sad.

    Still excited to see what the mobile game is, but wish there was some news on the next game in the series which is overdue.

    • Long overdue. Goodness. But we know it’ll come at some point.

  • Huh. Did they confirm no console news? That’s fair if so. I’m still expecting some kind of announcement soon, because I would think they’d keep the info close together and use it to build hype off each other.

  • Reggie

    I swear that they purposely schedule these Directs during times when I’m not able to see it. =P Normally night would work for me because of class, but Tuesday I got extra commitments.

  • JasonBall


    I believe this was announced at the end of either March or April, 2016? Monumental fiscal year report. Alongside FE Mobile announcement and Zelda being also on NX and it and NX being delayed and E3 would exclusively be about Zelda, no NX news at E3. Wow what a day that was.

  • Addy

    It a town building game. I’m calling it.

    • JasonBall

      Those suck on mobile. Hard to drag. Try SimCity. I say it’ll really hone in on the idea of interacting with villagers.

  • chancetime

    I mean… I’m excited and all, but it’s not really the AC game people wanna see right now.