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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launches worldwide November 22

Posted on November 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is releasing worldwide on November 22, Nintendo has announced.

The news was just passed along on the official Animal Crossing Twitter account:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has technically released already, but only in Australia. All other regions will finally have access this coming week.


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  • JasonBall

    Oh boy! And bring on the Nintendo IP collaboration asap! We know they exist!

  • TheGoomba

    “worldwide” because we think you’re too stupid to know Australia has it already!

  • blowingupyourmind

    this means animal crossing switch comes out early next year

  • Blake Good

    Been enjoying this so far. Downloaded this a few weeks ago. It’s the AU version, no doubt, but when the US version is released, will I lose my save data from AU version? I don’t want to lose my save data from the AU version. What do I do?

    • Carlos

      You can keep using the AU version, but you can’t connect it to your my Nintendo account unless you have an Australian account. If you want to connect it, you’ll make need to start over again. That’s the reason I wanted to wait until it got released worldwide.

      • Blake Good

        I could install the US version on my iPod Touch and keep the US version on that and the AU version on my Galaxy S8 phone.

        I think having two versions, one with a boy, and the other with a girl will give AC:PC more replay value, considering it’s a mobile game.

        • Mark

          And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Rule 16 in action.

        • Carlos

          That’s a good idea if you want to keep your progress. The only thing is you might get burnt out faster by playing 2 games.

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      the game file is the same, just update to the new version througt google play and you will keep your savegame or use a backup apk to backup your data if you are too paranoid

      • Blake Good

        How do I update the AU version? Accidently uninstalled it but save data might be gone! It wouldn’t update since it was the AU version. I hope my save data is still ok.

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          sadly in android if you uninstall an apk it wipes the data unless you had the option to backup your data to your google play account but how you downloaded it form other site and no google play i think your data is lost. I just updated the AU version from my USA google play account and it worked because it is the same data files, it did not work yesterday but today in the morning it gave me the update option

          • Blake Good

            If only I had waited!

    • Yin

      u bought a galaxy s8 with welfare money or did you get it handed to you by mommy

      • Blake Good

        How about you get lost, loser!

        • ChuckyGuy98

          Don’t argue with him. You have free money and decided to use it on a phone instead of something productive or meaningful in your life. You’re the last person to call anyone a loser. He has two things you don’t, a life and a girlfriend. If he doesn’t, he has a much better chance you ever have because you are a major turn off for women

          • You know, I’ve been waiting to get a new phone for months now, because my screen is cracked. Unlike Blake, I actually have to pay for it out of pocket I just don’t have the money yet because we’ve been having to pay extra for utilities these past couple of months. I don’t get SSI and my mom doesn’t hand me money. I’d be happy with whatever I could get my hands on, but if we know anything about Blake he’s probably not satisfied with his brand new Galaxy S8, and is probably complaining about it. He probably didn’t need a new phone to begin with, it was most likely an impulse buy.

        • Yin

          How about you get a job, loser!

        • Yin

          How about you get a girlfriend that’s not your right hand, loser!

          • Blake Good

            Jerk, you need to learn some manners!

          • Yin

            How does it feel to be a living joke

          • Well, you’re certainly one to talk. Seriously telling this guy to learn manners is like Al Franken criticizing Trump on his sexual misconduct; if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. What’s going on inside that head of yours? How do you constantly convince yourself that you’re just a blameless victim who doesn’t do anything to deserve to be constantly eviscerated, especially when you say horrendous crap like this. And before you give that whole “Oh well, I’m just going into defense mode because people constantly bully me” keep in mind that:

            The only reason people started going after you to begin with is because of your needless cruelty towards other people and all around terrible behavior. That’s the reason people still go after you.

            It doesn’t matter what anybody says about you, there is no way to justify this S#!T. How old are you Blake, are you 5 or are you almost 30?


          • Yeah, right, like there’s any woman out there that would actually let somebody like him go inside of her. Seriously, how low do your standards have to be to bang Blake Good?

  • piichan

    Worldwide, meaning the us, some eu regions and barely anybody from elsewhere.

    Companies should stop throwing this word around unless they really mean the whole world.