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ARMS version 4.0.0 launches tomorrow

Posted on November 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The next update for ARMS is coming tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. Version 4.0.0 is the next notable patch and will be adding various new elements.

Nintendo has been teasing a new fighter, who will indeed be added to ARMS. We’ll also be seeing a new attribute and apparently some sort of new mode as well.

We’ll let you know when the update officially goes live.


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  • Saki Okuda

    They are moving fast with this update. I’m surprised they didn’t just release a trailer and told us to wait a week.

  • SpectralDynamite

    I’m hype for this. Will be playing tomorrow night.

  • IBO

    i feel bad for ARMS it’s a good game but it seems to be left out of the hype of 2017..
    they really should have done some type of story mode..

    • carlos holguin holguin

      well it sold very well.. like 1.5M units, which is very good and lot of japanse play the game.. competitive is solid like really really solid

    • Constantinos Lapiotis

      Don’t feel bad. It has sold very well and it is even nominated for this year’s Game awards.

      • Aline Piroutek

        Well, the competition is pretty bad. Tekken 7 being the best of them.

  • Ardisan

    So glad that there isnt any more games I want atm so I can finally get back to ARMS and Splatoon 2 😀

    • James Fox

  • Melatelo

    It’s interesting to see Nintendo’s approach to content in this game. Adding it all for free instead of paid DLC. Which is great..but I truly think this was because the game was released kind of incomplete. A lot of this content should of been there from day one, but it seems none of it was ready. I know they do the same with Splatoon but it’s interesting none-the-less.

    • Vive

      No they didn’t include a story mode with these free dlcs, that was very much their vision and they are sticking with it.

      Backstory on social media, a very light grand prix, and the rest is all focused on online matches.

      They are doing the same for years with Splatoon, and it works. I’m actually glad that they didn’t join the microtransaction / loot boxes party.

      • Melatelo

        What are you talking about!? I didn’t even bring up a story mode and I already brought up the Splatoon comparison. Did you read like any of my comment??

        • Vive

          If the story mode isn’t what you are missing, what’s your problem with this game to call it incomplete?