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August 2013 NPD: Splinter Cell: Blacklist sales on Wii U account for less than 2% of total sales

Posted on September 13, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Podcast Stories, Wii U

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launched last month in the US. Having been on the market for about a week, the game did fairly well. Total sales were under 300,000, though we don’t have the specifics.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Blacklist did terribly (that may be putting it mildly) on Wii U. According to NeoGAF poster “creamsugar”, who has pretty much always been spot on with NPD data, just 1.6 percent of the title’s sales came from the Wii U version. This would put Blacklist’s Wii U sales under 5,000 – a paltry figure, to be sure.


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  • Jeremy Wayne Humble

    I really want this game! I wish I had bought it. I’m a huge Splinter Cell fan though. My only problem is the voice acting haha.

  • mvidaure

    No surprise since it lacks offline co-op, which really is the only way to play the co-op considering a low Wii U population– meaning less people online to play with. Simply a better choice to go PS3/Xbox 360.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Not really, probably due to the fact they’re waiting for the patch, Im waiting for funds XD

    • Bernadet Gnuyen

      actually the wiiu beats the other two versions completely even on graphics since it runs on 1080p and the others run on 720p plus the wiius touchpad makes stealth gameplay a lot better and funner

  • Daldrakar

    I really hate multiplatform games. I cannot remember the last time I bought one the day it was released. Usually wait until its on sale in the cheap bin.

    • Clifton Walton

      That’s ridiculous. Unless you are ruled by fanboyism, the greater number of games any gamer will end up playing will usually be multiplatform games. Multiplats comprise like 85% of the industry and there are tons of fantastic multiplats.

      Most of my favorite games are multiplats. Not to say that some of my favorite games aren’t exclusives, it’s just that there are so many more multiplats than exclusives. The percentage of good games among each type is essentially the same so it makes sense why there would be more high quality multiplats.

      Splinter Cell Blacklist is a really fantastic game. One of the best I have played this year.

  • superphillip32

    I didn’t get the Wii U version because the online still freezes consoles most of the time.

  • Austin

    Many reasons why people didn’t buy this on Wii U. My reason is that it’s all guns and military and gruff and gritty and srs bizness and other stuff that’s just silly.

    • Th3PANO

      sorry but Splinter Cell isn’t your average shooter. It’s a great game, I loved it. Don’t bash it if you don’t played it.

      • Austin

        I didn’t bash Splinter Cell (really enjoyed some of the other ones). I said it was “guns and military and gruff and gritty and srs bizness.” Which it is. Doesn’t make it bad, just means I’m not in the mood for that aesthetic.

    • SecretX

      or maybe because they didn’t promote the wii u version? nobody knows is on wii u.

      • Jack Slater

        Nobody knows the Wii u

        • SecretX

          they should also promote it for the people who has a wiiu. they count as well.

  • SparkRaid

    Welp there goes that I guess.

    • Zuxs13

      Not as bad as it sounds.

  • Hinscher

    When did it come out anyway? I’v been to gamestop like 3 times in the last two weeks and i’ve looked for the game and not seen it on shelves yet.

    • Zuxs13

      Go to Best Buy there have tons of copies, GameStop has pretty much given up on multi-plat Wii U games. Or go to Amazon.

  • Zuxs13

    Of course its going to be a small %, there are 70+million less Wii U’s out there than each of the other two consoles.

    Here is another way to look at it. The attachment rate per console is highest on the 360, but the Wii U version is Higher than the PS3 by a good amount. That is actually a good thing.

  • Gamingsince75

    Trying to find the basis for this “article”

    Maybe its there but clicking the “source” only shows a random post from someone saying

    SC < 300k
    360 ~ 70%, WiiU ~ 1.6%
    Not exactly trustworthy but when looking for hits, why bother with making sure its legit.
    Also it sold to .03% of the WIi U install base but sadly only .01% of PS3 install base. That's counting all PC sales as PS3 sales also.
    .05% for 360 install base
    .03 for Wii U install base
    .01 for PS3 install base
    hmm I wonder which one Ubisoft sees as a failure
    I know they don't expect a console with 1.5 million in US sales to outsell a console with 45 million but I bet they do expect a console with 40 or so million to sale as much as one with 45 million

    • jdp12

      Wii U is a new console, so its users are more likely to purchase games for it… and PS3 isn’t very big in North America right now

      • Gamingsince75

        That doesn’t make sense. You’re as bad as the kid on N4g that claimed PS4 and X1 had the same install base as PS3 and 360.
        You have noting to back that claim up
        Really kid you aren’t very bright at all.

        • jdp12

          PS3 sold 25m in NA, these sales are awful for the Wii U

          • Gamingsince75

            Lmao yeah the are bad on Wii U and horrible on PS3.
            You fanboys need to stop making yourself look stupid. That’s okay you keep at it. When PS4 doesnt sell more software then PS3 day one, I will be sure to point out what a failure of a console it is.

          • jdp12

            Wii U was the biggest home console flop in history. Enjoy no third party games.

    • David

      “hmm I wonder which one Ubisoft sees as a failure”

      Well, which one has the absolute least copies sold? Yeah, that one.

      Who gives a shit what proportion of users bought the game, what matters is how many copies they sold. They sold a pitiful number on the WiiU, therefore they should stop supporting it.

      • Gamingsince75

        Developers do…LOL. They don’t expect a new console to sale as many games as one that’s been out for 7 years. Got to be the stupidest comment ever.

        • David

          They do when the new console only has life for as long as the 7 year old consoles are around. Nintendo’s 7th generation WiiU won’t get any attention after the release of the eight generation Ps4 and Xbone.

          • Gamingsince75

            Again Ubisoft isn’t ran by idiots like you.
            They don’t let ignorance or bias guide their business decisions. they aren’t sitting on websites acting like upset 12 year olds proclaiming an 8th generation console a 7th generation console simply because they feel threatened by it like you do.
            You keep on making yourself look dumber and dumber with every comment you make. Clearly you know nothing of the industry and think its ran with your own personal bias.

          • David

            “threatened by the Wii U”




          • smew

            Smart Glass on X1… PS4 Slide pad – both announced after Wii U and an obvious attempt to cash in on Nintendo’s innovation. Also Wii U has 4 times the processing power of the PS3 – it is not ‘last gen’.

            Wii U has more than enough power to do what it needs to which is create great games and deliver high quality visuals. The quality of Nintendo titles is always absurdly high and when their AAA titles start to filter through then Wii U sales will be boosted. Zelda and Mario however you feel about them will always pose a threat to Sony and Microsoft.

            The only titles that come even remotely close to anything Nintendo has in terms of sales are CoD and Halo both of which sit well below Nintendo franchise sales.

            Just last night I sat around with 3 friends and played Nintendoland for several hours and had infinitely more fun doing it than going online to frag a bunch of strangers…

          • David

            “Smart Glass on X1… PS4 Slide pad – both announced after Wii U and an obvious attempt to cash in on Nintendo’s innovation.”

            Ps Vita Console Compatability, allowing you to use a touchscreen, with traditional controls, for a home console – announced 4 months before the WiiU. Yeah, who’s ripping off whose innovation here?

            “Also Wii U has 4 times the processing power of the PS3 – it is not ‘last gen’. ”

            The Xbox had 4 times the RAM of the Dreamcast. Want to tell me what that does to your point?

            “Wii U has more than enough power to do what it needs to which is create great games and deliver high quality visuals.”

            Bethesda says thats complete and utter bullshit. Now, how many award winning videogames has Bethesda made, and how many have you made? I think they know more about power than you do.

            “Zelda and Mario however you feel about them will always pose a threat to Sony and Microsoft.”

            You may be right. Soon as the Wii U gets a Mario game, it might start to sell – wait, you mean it has a Mario game, has had it since the launch, and it continues to sell absolutely dismally. Well, what do you know. Almost as if Mario is not a seller any more.

            ” CoD and Halo both of which sit well below Nintendo franchise sales.”

            Yes, I’m aware that Nintendo will beat franchises like a dead horse instead of ever once doing anything remotely creative and making a new series. Whats your point?

            “Just last night I sat around with 3 friends and played Nintendoland for
            several hours and had infinitely more fun doing it than going online to
            frag a bunch of strangers…”

            Thank you for telling me that anecdote, which only serves to show that you are weird, and are merely a straggling remnant of a long-gone age.

          • smew

            The DS had wireless connectivity to the Wii before the PS vita came out and the GBA connected to the gamecube – so still copying Nintendo…

            And the N64 had twice the power of the Playstation but they were still considered the same ‘gen’

            If Bethesda ever made a game that wasn’t riddled with bugs on release – that didn’t rely on the people that bought it for PC to patch it for them… then I might respect their opinion.

            Yes I accept that Mario Bros. U didn’t sell as well as some other games (though considerably more than many other big games on the other consoles) Probably because it was the latest in a string of New Super Mario Bros. games… But hey guess what the new one is doing something different… Which only happens hmmm in EVERY Mario release.

            How much dead horse beating do the other consoles do? Yes we’ve all seen the shiny new IPs that get trotted out every so often but when they recycle gameplay from other games that did it better but with slightly less pretty graphics what’s the point? Tell me if the new IPs are so great why do they still rely on the same gameplay mechanics like generic fetch quests and dull assassination missions and litter action games with irritating QTEs?

            At least Nintendo changes the format between Mario Games (and yes I’m aware of the string of NSMB. games that have come out but if you actually play them they all add something to the mix that ups the gameplay or changes the focus). Compare Mario Sunshine to Mario Galaxy and NSMB and the differences could hardly be more pronounced… that’s not the same with (insert name of any generic identikit PS/XB shooter here).

            Zelda’s the same whether its time travelling in Majora’s mask or 1:1 swordplay in Skyward Sword the experience is different every time – and no that’s not a ‘gimmick’ that’s called ‘being inventive and changing the formula.’

            Your welcome – I know my annecdotes about playing Wii U might not hold much interest to you but it does never the less illustrate my point… Maybe I am weird maybe Nintendo is catering to the Weird now – why not? it’s a viable market and pretty much every major change in the video games industry has been led by someone doing something weird – ‘Hey why don’t we make a tiny joysick and stick it on the contoller?’ “Hey why don’t we make the controller vibrate?” “what if instead of pressing buttons you control your character with gestures?” – all industry standard now and all originating on Nintendo platforms…

            It’s no weirder than buying the next CoD game that does literally nothing different this time around and playing it ad nauseum.

            and BTW since you liked that annecdote so much: the resident CoD fan in our group also loved playing Wii U to the point where he literally played till the battery ran down – then we plugged it in and he carried on playing. Know why – because playing on Wii U is totally different to anything the other consoles are offering it was a new experience that was fresh.

            Enjoy your high spec console – I’ve no doubt that the games you want to play will be on it – but don’t try and insult people or be rude and disparaging because they happen to like what else is on offer.

          • David

            I like how you managed to instantly change your entire argument from “the Wii U is the most innovative thing ever, and its totally a brilliant and fresh new idea” to “Its just Nintendop doing the same goddamn thing they have for decades, with no new ideas at all. Nothing special” in order to protect your narrative that Nintendo are the true innovators.

            Also, no DS game on the Wii ever used the touchpad, and it lacks dual analog sticks. So it remains, Vita-to-Ps3, still the first use of a touchscreen along with a traditional control scheme on a home console.

            As for the N64 – so you’re admitting that the WiiU is the same gen as the Ps3 and 360, then? You’ve just started arguing my point for me, that being 4 times more powerful than the Ps3 is irrelevant, cause its 100 times less powerful than the Ps4.

            If you managed to understand that they managed to win GOTY for their games every time they release them, despite the bugs, you may have an insight. TIl then…

            ” But hey guess what the new one is doing something different”

            Mind telling me how a remake of a 3DS game with tacked on multiplayer is “doing something different”? Oh, right, a cat suit. WOw, SOOOOOOOO very innovative.

            “Maybe I am weird maybe Nintendo is catering to the Weird now – why not? it’s a viable market”

            No its not – that is why the sales are in the toilet, and the WiiU will not manage to sell more copies than the Sega Saturn.

          • smew

            Slagging off Nintendo on an article about nintendo – obviously you’re just trolling… But in for a penny…

            My argument hasn’t changed – I’m not blind to the similarities between some of Nintnedo’s games – but where those exist they are the elements that define that as a part of the franchise. If a CoD game came out in 3rd person, that didn’t have guns and was cel- shaded it wouldn’t be a CoD game… there has to be some similarities in order to tie the games together… that’s not the same as saying that they are the same game – All of the NSMB games do something different to one another…

            Pokemon Battle revolution used the touchscreen, Four swords adventures used the Gba as a controller. Still nintendo’s innovation…

            N64 was twice as powerful as PS and considered the same ‘gen’. because there is only a 32bit difference between them. Wii U is 4x more powerful than the PS3 – that’s a generational leap that puts it in the same gen as XB1/PS4 – yes they are more powerful but not so significantly that they represent a generational leap… “100x more powerful” LOL.

            Yes they won GOTY – And if you look at Skyrim it was hotly contested by Skyward Sword for the award… Skyrim won because it was multiplat and accessible to more players – that doesn’t make it a better game… Skyward sword had one bug that required you to do an unusual list of things in order to make an event not trigger – which was fixed by Nintendo as soon as it was discovered. Skyrim has literally hundreds of bugs in it; some of which render entire quests unplayable. If the best game on that console is littered with bugs what does that tell you about the console?

            3DWorld is not a remake – its a new game built in a similar style – it features 4 player drop in/out co-op with different characters built into the experience – that’s not ‘tacked on’. Level design is built aroud the new cat-suit – which alters the way you explore environments and opens up new hidden areas in the game… Levels also featured in videos of the game show boat racing levels, ice skating, Galaxy style bosses and miiverse integration… that’s a significant list of features not in Mario3Dland.

            Wii U is catering to a market the other consoles aren’t, the wierd, the casual, the family, the real hardcore that aren’t interested in online FPSes, anyone who’s bored with the same old recycled gameplay mechanics, and anyone who values innovation… It doesn’t matter how that translates into sales vs the other consoles because they’re not in direct competition – There is crossover certainly but YOU are not their target market. I am and there are others out there that enjoy the product they have produced.

            Clearly you and I see things very differently. I already know you’ll disagree with everything I’ve written here so there’s no point in replying… Unless of course you want to prove that you are trolling. Enjoy whatever console you buy later this year… I’m off to play some more Mario…

  • Jack Slater

    And when other developers see these numbers, they don’t feel like spending 2 years, 50+ developers and several millions $ on a new game. Anyway, they all know 90% of gamers won’t buy a game if in that game, they aren’t jumping over some mushrooms, killing monsters or playing ocarina. That’s the sad truth.

    Where are all the fans that spend their days praising and defending the Wii u, on forums? 5000 units? Come on. At least, admit the Wii u , barely nobody cares about it.not even 5% of the Wii fans.

  • John Remote

    Duhh Think about it 27.3 million PS3 + 44.1 Million xbox 360 + 1.3 million Wii U sold in North America so far. That means 72.7 million units sold in North America meaning the WII U is 1.3 / 72.7 = 1.78% of the total hard ware. So having 2% of the total game sales seems like they are doing pretty good.

    • rxl209

      that would make sense if the wii u had a library of 1000 games to choose from, the fact that it doesnt have as many games means waaaaaaay more people should have bought it on wii u, what else would they buy. i guess wii u owners are mainly children

      • Gamingsince75

        That would make sense but game sales drop over time as people lose interest.
        You kids can spin it all you want but a higher % of the install base bought it on Wii U then PS3.
        A higher % also bought Rayman.
        With 27 million PS3s and 45 Million Xbx 360s
        Enough people bought Pikmin 3 to put it in the top 10.
        With PS3 1000.00 games that should never happen.
        Using your own logic PS3 software sales are abysmal.

        • rxl209

          you clearly dont have a clue about game sales, youre just trying to damage control the fact the wii u is the biggest flop in gaming history, even worse than the virtual boy. if 4 million wii u’s were sold a waaaaaaaay higher amount of splinter cell should have been sold, on wii u that game isnt competing with saints row, madden, etc. when its the only thing to buy and wii u owners stil arent buying, thats game over for wii u

          • Gamingsince75

            See you show your ignorance. NPD is only US sales. They don’t track world wide sales. SO while close to 4 million have been sold, not all of those are in the US where NPD tracks.
            I also love how you completely ignore my points and just make up something random that has nothing to do with what I said in some lame attempt to prove me wrong.
            I’m not the one suggesting games continue to sell at the same level months or years after launch like you are with your 1000’s of games comment.
            I could bring up its competing with every Wii U game and every Wii game since its BC but that would be stupid as game sales decline over time. Of course you were dumb enough to try it so that says a lot about how little YOU know.
            Sure kid its not competing with Rayman or Pikmin for sales. Its the ONLY game ever released on WIi U. Whatever it takes to make you feel better.
            I wont waste my time replying to any other comment you make as its clear you don’t have the ability to grasp whats being said and are simply hating out of ignorance.

          • rxl209

            wii u has 1000 games to choose from?

  • smashbrolink

    The install base for the Wii U is lower, meaning that the attach rate for this game is higher than other versions.
    Despite the fact that it’s missing a feature or two.

    Wii U gamers DO support third party games. Sometimes even the ones that don’t do everything right.

    For those still not convinced and are assuming that third parties don’t sell well on the Wii U?
    Toki Tori 2.
    An increase of over 8000% in their sales on the E-shop.

    Also Rayman Legends.

    • smew

      Agreed but also you have to acnowledge that many Wii U owners bought the console because of their fondness for Nintendo Franchises which are generally much more family friendly anyway. If the install base of Wii U is 50-75% more Pikmin than Call of Duty then you have to make those more “mature” games something special on Wii U to entice people in…

      The unfortunate thing is that those people that bought a Wii U for Zombie U have been sorely neglected by developers porting over 12month old games with fewer features and an inflated price.

      As a result we see high sales of games like TT2 and Rayman but poor sales of ‘mature’ games.

      Nintendo need more ‘mature’ exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Zombie U to compete with those markets on the other consoles.

      It’s impossible to guess what their new IP will be but something in that ‘mature’ vein would be a very good move for the company.

      • smashbrolink

        What it needs isn’t more “mature” titles, what it needs is more “High quality third party” titles.
        Let’s face it; Nintendo isn’t at fault for their third party launch game selection not selling well.
        That’s on the backs of the third parties for delivering unpolished old games with lacking content and/or missing features.[in Zombie U’s case, it simply had a ton of features that players found repulsive. It was a failed experiment that had poor sales, which frightened Ubisoft away from doing a sequel that could have made things right again and simultaneously resulted in Rayman going multiplatform, despite the fact that it STILL sold best on the Wii U]

        You know what? It kinda ticks me off how Nintendo gamers were treated like third-class citizens by third parties [and the sales reflect that], yet now a large faction of Nintendo haters are blaming Nintendo’s fan base for not supporting third parties, while ignoring the fact that they themselves, wisely, would not have supported such sorry excuses for ports on their own systems of choice either!
        It’s hypocrisy of the worst sort.
        It’s like calling someone a wuss for not taking a dangerous bet when the name-caller themselves is also too scared to take it.

        Wii U needs better attempts by third parties.
        We shouldn’t have to buy lack-luster games with poor content support just to entice third parties to do their fucking jobs better.
        No one, on ANY system, should have to do that.

        If third parties make a port and don’t support it properly by making it at least equal to other versions, then they really have no right to bitch when the consumers say “fuck that” with a wave of their wallets in the opposite direction.

        • smew

          Sadly sticking ‘mature’ or ’18’ on a game nowadays does seem to make it more popular…

          and I agree with everything you say but moving forward the other two consoles are going to start to put out games that may not run so well on Wii U because of the hardware disparity… Opinion is divided on how Wii U stacks up to the other consoles graphically and in terms of power simply because there is no game out yet for us to compare between them (have you actually seen any Wii U watchdogs or AC4 footage – all I can find is PS4 footage that’s mislabelled) but If a game isn’t the same across platforms and the extra hardware oomph of the PS/X consoles does deliver better visuals then consumers will opt for the version they think is the best. If Wii U ports don’t make use of the gamepad inventively or in a way that makes that version of the game better than the others then sales are going to swing to the other consoles. People ‘go with what they know’ unless the idea is easy to grasp like the Wiimote was.

          Exclusive titles should be where the focus lies for third party devs because they can build the games around the gamepad so they can cash in on what Wii U does that the other consoles don’t – if it can’t be done on PS4 or XB1 then people will have to buy a Wii U to play it – and isn’t the gamepad the main reason we all bought a wii u in the first place?