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Axiom Verge creator pleased with Switch launch sales

Posted on October 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Axiom Verge only just came out on Switch this past Thursday, but creator Tom Happ is pleased with how the game is doing so far. On launch day, Happ wrote on Twitter that it “seems to be selling quite well”. That’s in spite of the fact that other high-quality titles debuted on the store, including Stardew Valley and Oxenfree.

Putting things into further perspective, Axiom Verge did better on Switch than Wii U in its first day:

Porting the game also went well:


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  • DiscoGentleman

    Cool stuff.
    Also, Tom lives in Singapore?

    • Aria Ari

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  • Moac

    I am considering buying axiom verge. Glad it is selling well on Switch.

  • JJ

    That’s neat, but I bought this game in physical form (prefer cartridges/physical media), from Amazon so I won’t be playing this till next month.

  • YoungTheFish

    “My game is selling. What a great console.”

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