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Bandai Namco reconfirms its Switch games, seemingly planned for coming fiscal year

Posted on May 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Following the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January, Bandai Namco announced three games for Switch. These included new entries in the Tales of and Taiko Drum Master franchises as well as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

We haven’t heard about any of these titles since they were originally mentioned in January. However, in its latest financial report, all three surfaced once again. Additionally, while not absolutely confirmed, it seems as though they’re all planned for the coming fiscal year.

It’s unclear which Tales of and Taiko Drum Master games Switch will be receiving. Hopefully it won’t be too long until Bandai Namco provides official details.


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  • theFooFighter

    Tales will probably be whatever the next one is. Chances are it will be a ps4, switch and PC multiplat

  • MusubiKazesaru

    Xenoverse 2 got announced day 1 and we had some screenshots so hopefully that one won’t be too far off.

    • Diego

      Probably it will be the GOTY EDITION.

  • The Tales of game will either be one of the following:

    Tales of Zesteria and Berseria Collection

    Tales of Versperia port

    New Tales of game that will be Timed Exclusive then later ported to PS4/PC

    Tales of Collection

    As for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will probably be version with ALL DLC including the possible Universe Survival Arc DLC.

    • Animenut1

      It won’t be a Vesperia port because that would require porting Vesperia.

      • well duh LOL
        how else would they port it if they can’t port it

        • NeptuniasBeard

          I think they mean that they’d only port the PS3 version which means it’d likely be Japan only. It’s more likely that they’d port over a game that had an international release.

        • Animenut1

          It was a joke, Otaku. For one, it is a running joke that BN needs to, but won’t, port the PS3 version of Vesperia. However, beyond that, BN has EXPLICITELY stated they will not port Vesperia. They asked “Which game would you like us to port?” and someone said “Tales of Vesperia” and they replied “Except that one.”
          Ergo, my joke is that their reasoning is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
          Request: Port Vesperia.
          Requirement: Port Vesperia.
          Limitation: Not allowed to port Vesperia.

  • Fandangle

    I know Tales of is the most popular choice but I doubt it. The Tales director is a blatant sony fanboy.

    I’m more hoping this is a Xenosaga port or maybe a new Baten Kaitos game.

    • Indielink

      Except Namco themselves have said that a Tales game is coming. It’s not like it’s just rumour or fan whispers.

      • Fandangle

        so all of these “games” bamco are planning to release on the switch is just a bunch of tales ports? sounds like a huge waste. I know tales fan boys are overly loyal but that’s a bit much.

        • Indielink

          Dude it says right in the article what games Bamco is planning to bring to the Switch.

    • KnightWonder

      Except right after the Switch event in January, Bandai Namco themselves announced a Tales of game was headed o the Switch.

      • Fandangle

        forgive me while I contain my excitement over the fact that a long running franchise is being ported over instead of a new game in a series that was hardly given chance. I’m sure all those tales games will certainly hype me up.

    • Tlozbj

      Director or Producer? If the latter, then not much of a problem now, Hideo Baba left Namco sometime ago and joined SE

      • Fandangle

        ah, no idea honestly. it’s been a while since I checked up on anything happening at bamco. I just remember someone important behind the game’s saying “they just sell more on play station so I’m not making anymore on nintendo.” or something along those lines when the difference in sales were negligible at best. I remember thinking at the time that it was fairly obvious he just made a deal with Sony and was trying to cover it up.

        • Jon Turner

          I feel like that claim about Baba is pretty much bogus.

        • Tlozbj

          Should be Baba, he has been directing Tales games since the PS2 era, and head of the Tales division as a whole since 2007, so it must ha d been him. Though he is gone now, and working at SE

    • It’s the producer, not the director. As someone pointed out below. But as they also mention, he isn’t with Bamco anyway now.

      It’s also not confirmed if this is a port or new game, or what. It’s so unlikely that it’s a port of a PS3/4 game though, because Bamco would have sent out way faster and not had a care in the world for quality of the port (because those games aren’t “too special” anyway). It’s likely to be a remake of an older game (which would actually be great), or a new title.

    • Natalie Molnar

      We’ve had official confirmation that we’ll be getting a Tales of game for the Switch since January.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I’m always down for a portable Tales. Hearts R was pretty great

  • hi v3.0

    I really want them to port Zestiria and Berseria..

  • DeltaPeng

    Sweet, glad to see a Tales of game making it’s way over.

    Though I think Tales of Symphonia was the best one so far (minus some frustrating / grindy puzzle moments), great VA and characters. The others I’ve played haven’t quite reached that level of polish imo, though for how quick they tend to release, they tend to look and play pretty well. The games emphasize replayability already (with their Grade and New Game +), so I hope they change the series not to put a lot of filler/grindy moments as they sometimes do

    • metalpants

      Symphonia was amazing. I played through that game like 7 times and got just about every rare creature on my arsenal. Best one by far.

    • Justin McQuillen

      Yeah Symphonia was the most solid one

    • Symphonia isn’t really one of my faves, but it is one of the more solid of them. I think the early/mid PS3 stuff was fairly polished (Vesperia, Graces) but the latter stuff (Xillia to Berseria) is so divisive and back and forth.

      I’m hoping for a Destiny Chronicles, as someone mentioned on another site. Destiny is my favorite game and still one of the popular ones with one of the most popular characters in the series, and the sequel was never released in the West so that would be a great opportunity. I also wouldn’t mind a Phantasia remake, maybe. Or some kind of remake collection.

      But a new title seems most likely. Overall, it is nice to see Tales coming to Switch~.

  • metalpants

    Tales and Xenoverse 2… I can’t stress what a great start that is. This year will be hard to top. I’m pretty excited for Xenoverse 2… most likely with all the DLC, and really intrigued by which Tales they’ll decide to bring over.

  • Addy

    Planed titles:

    -Tales of Hardlyreleasedousideofjapan

    -Tales of Badlocalizationby84

    -Tales of Poorconsoletopcconversionport

    -Tales of Onlythefirstandtheonereleaseonthegamecubewhichhadasequelthatsucked

    • Has 84 actually localized a Tales title? It must have been Hearts R?

      Either way, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen with the game. There are shifts with Tales just recently, and they’ve been back and forth with localizing. (Localizing the PS3 and then PS4 games, cutting out some of the DLC, only localizing one of the Vita games.)

      • NeptuniasBeard

        I’m pretty sure 8-4 did the localization for pretty much every Tales games after Symphonia. I know they did Abyss, Vesperia, Hearts R, and Zestiria, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they did the rest…

        • Really? That’s fascinating. Kind of funny that people tear apart their FE localizations and say nothing of their Tales work. I wonder what the overlap is even, though.

          I will say, I previewed their translation of Hearts R, and some of it did frustrate me so much. It seemed to stand out though.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            I honestly never even heard of 8-4 uuntil Awakening came out. I was surprised how many of their localizations I had played. They’ve been around for quite a while.

            Yeah their Hearts localization was rather…. egregious…

            Maybe they put their interns on that one. It was on the Vita afterall, not like many folks would notice lol

          • Yeah, I’m just now realizing, lol.

            That would make sense. I hope they listen to (legitimate) feedback and critique though.

  • ForeVision

    Dragonball and Tales of, I’ll stay tuned for those.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I’d personally like a collection of older games, particularly Symphonia. But a new game wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Hugrazy

    My dream: New side project Tales game with Takumi Miyajima writing, Kosuke Fujushima doing all the character designs and Go Shiina composing. I would die if this happened.

    • Hugrazy

      I don’t mind Motoi Sakuraba when he’s not being garbage so either or.

    • That would be cool.

      Inomata is my fav artist designer, but that is a solid team. And agreed on Sakuraba, lol. His music is good or just. . . so effing boring and dull. (And repetitive.)

  • I have hope for the next Tales game. With Baba at SE, I trust they can find a more conducive producer, and that their team on it is more put together.

    I’m betting on it being timed exclusive. Multi-plat would make sense to me, but since they haven’t listed the PS4 yet, I wonder if it is a timed exclusive. They did the same with Graces and the Wii (plus Vesperia, and the DS games), so it wouldn’t be too shocking. As long as they don’t keep up that BS pattern of making the PS port the heavily superior version.

    Hopefully it’ll be officially announced at E3, supposing it is actually coming out this year. That would be pretty exciting.

    A brand new title is feasible, but I kind of doubt it’s a port. I can believe it’s a remake of a game that hasn’t been on PS3/4 or Vita yet.