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Battle Princess Madelyn Kickstarter opens

Posted on March 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Wii U eShop

We originally posted about Battle Princess Madelyn last month. In February, Casual Bit Games confirmed the project for Switch and Wii U. What we didn’t know at the time though is that a Kickstarter campaign would be involved.

For those interested in Battle Princess Madelyn, the game is seeking $60,000 (CA) in funding. It just opened with a month to go, and already has generated about $7,500. Assuming the goal is met, Battle Princess Madelyn will be on both of Nintendo’s consoles in the future.

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  • Jewelwriter Moonstar

    Here’s hoping they make it.

  • wait what? it’s not done yet and theyre making it for wiiu?

  • Dascylus

    Unless they plan on releasing it this year, I see that Wii U version dropping off quick just like the others.

  • Reggie

    Why both though? That’s just asking for extra funds that would be better spent in something else.