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Bayonetta 1 Switch file size

Posted on December 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Amazon Japan has already posted the tentative file size for Bayonetta 2 on Switch. Now it seems that we have the size for the first game as well.

According to Amazon’s listing, Bayonetta 1 takes up roughly 16GB of space. The final size may vary slightly, but we’ll keep you updated if there are any changes.


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  • Bart


  • IBO

    who cares the game sucks

    • Constantinos Lapiotis

      everybody cares, the game is fantastic

      • it’s just…
        walk up to bad guy
        press a button fifty times
        walk to another bad guy

        i’d rather play sudoku

        • Makai

          Yeah… there’s no way you’re beating the game by just walking up to someone and hitting the same button over and over again. This is the Devil May Cry creators so the game is roughly…

          Walk up to an enemy, start a combo, dodge, continue comboing, react to other enemies, dodge, kill enemy, dodge, kill enemies, go a bit further, learn boss mechanics, dodge, combo, do quick time events…

          Clearly you’ve never played Bayonetta if you’re describing it in terms of “Press a button fifty times” man that’s hyperbole even if you found some specific way to spam a single attack. You still have crazy story stuff going on, crazy enemies, crazy quick time events… This isn’t a Kung Fu Panda game.

          You can always just play the game without what ever cheap tactic you discovered, or turn on Gaze of Despair and never take it off, and see if the enrage mechanic makes it more enjoyable.

          Otherwise you’re just a troll who wants to hate on a game for what ever reason and treating you like a decent human being who actually has an opinion is a waste of time. Kinda wondering if you’ve ever even played the game, but unfortunately Nintendo doesn’t have any sort of achievement systems and you’re not using a Nintendo login.

      • IBO

        it sucks :v

    • ben


    • hiru

      >no one upvoting my comment? lemme upvote myself lul

      • IBO

        no worries bro here’s an upvote 😛
        i see carlos also uploaded your comment.. hmm i wonder if he found a life yet? :v

  • Ezereal

    Hi everyone, my first comment here, I bought a Switch a week ago with Xenoblade 2. It’s an incredible hardware, such graphics and power in a handheld that’s mindboggling 😮
    Yes, I’m only playing undocked, I love portability and my 3DS ^^
    Xenoblade 2 is absolutely fantastic, I really love it and that’s a wonderful way to start my Switch journey.
    I played dozens of RPGs, Xeno on Wii among them, and Xenoblade 2 is very likely to be my favorite one, thank you Monolith for this amazing adventure (I didnt reach half of the story yet, the best is yet to come).

    I don’t like the fact Bayo 1 is digital only 🙁 But I’ll buy Bayonetta Collection anyway, never played these games and I’m eager to play them. Plus, the most interesting one, Bayo 2, will be on a card.

    • Bart

      Playing Bayonetta for the first time, you’re in for a wild ride, look forward to it. 😀

      And I agree on Xenoblade 2, it’s freaking awesome.

      • Ezereal

        Ahaha I guess so, the kind of game where you need skills, I’m ready for that :p But it won’t be for a while, I must buy Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Mario Rabbids, Sonic mania and Skyrim before buying this one ^^

        • Bart

          Good luck getting through all that before the end of february… :p

          Xeno 2 alone is looking like it’ll easily occupy the rest of the month for me. Actually, I might be “done” with it around the time the launch deal on Romancing Saga ends, gonna play that one next I think.

          • Ezereal

            Well I don’t intend buying the game in February lol :p

            I’m the kind of people who take their time, in the case of Xenoblade 2 I’m exploring, doing some quests here and there, take pictures..etc..I hate to rush things, and given how vast Xenoblade 2, Zelda BOTW and Skyrim are + Odyssey/Mania I’m pretty sure I won’t play Bayonetta Collection before September at best ^^

          • Bart

            Yeah I’m taking my sweet time with Xeno too, I’m in no hurry for it to be over, and there’s just so much to do, it’s lovely.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Who hates portability?

      • Aline Piroutek

        *FakeGamingFAn doens’t count.

      • i dont care for it
        i’d rather play at home on my tv
        anything else is awkward

      • Ezereal

        What I mean is that I’m mostly a handheld console player. Plus, the Switch screen is pretty big so it makes it really comfortable to play in that mode.

    • Aline Piroutek

      You have no choice. If there isn’t physical media to Switch, to have to accept their decisions.

    • ben

      Xenoblade 2 is really good on the TV screen as well!

      I have been playing the game exclusively since it launched.. currently at 90hours.

      • Ezereal

        Xenoblade 2 seems better on TV anyway, and I will play it entirely on TV someday 🙂

        I just like portability more but I intend to explore both mode for every game in the future. Portability first, TV 1 year after 🙂

    • AJK

      Wecome aboard 🙂

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

      Welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying Xenoblade, I’m loving it too 🙂

      • Ezereal

        Always nice to meet fellow Xeno 2 lovers ahaha :p

        And this one seems to be selling more than the first one and XCX on Wii U so that’s great news 🙂

  • Tlink7

    It’s Switchin’ time, betches

  • Felipe M.

    Yikes. My 64GB SanDisk card is going to get filled up and I thought it’d last me for the Switch generation as I’m physical-only.

  • i see i got my 128gb SD cards in good moment

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