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Bayonetta Special Edition live on the Nintendo UK store, comes with a poster

Posted on December 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The Nintendo UK store just started pre-orders for the Bayonetta Special Edition. You can reserve it here. Along with the special package itself, you’ll also receive a poster.

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  • IBO

    instead of buying this crap buy litecoin right now.


    Preorder placed. Cancelled my preorder over Amazon due to them f-ing up my Collectors Edition of Xenoblade 2 and a few other games in the past. Don’t want to take the risk again.

    • Felipe M.

      The Nintendo Store UK is run by The Hut Group so your logic flies out the window.


        Well damn then! Nintendo UK store sure as hell does a better job than Amazon UK as it actually fulfills my orders and gets here a day early or on time which Amazon UK has failed every time. So its obvious which better store I’m going to go with.

  • Indielink

    Where is the NA special edition…

    • Why does Nintendo not like its North American audience?

      • Indielink

        It kills me. I just want a pretty box for one of my favorite games.

  • Felipe M.

    Bayonetta 1 is digital-only. :-/

  • dang69

    Doesn’t ship to NA. Wtf does every other region have this? Did it do way worse in NA originally?

    • Felipe M.

      You’ll need to order from Amazon UK when it’s up.

  • Tlink7

    Eh, poster doesn’t make up for the lack of a physical Bayo 1, I’ll just get the standard version and save me 30 currency

    • Felipe M.

      Thinking I might even sell the B1 code just to make the game cost less. Bayonetta 2 is my favorite yet.

  • Phantisy

    JP version is physical for both. No idea if it has English though